We connect clients with industry-leading solutions and products

Organizations face challenges in all aspects of the business.  In order to be effective, organizations need to be able to automate business processes and align those processes to the activities that generate revenue for their organization.

Cerna Solutions, LLC is an organization whose mission and focus is to provide solutions and services focused in the Information Technology Infrastructure arena.

At Cerna Solutions, LLC, our mission is to connect our clients with industry-leading solutions and services through our own products or our partner network.  Throughout the years in the IT industry, we have worked with many different solutions and vendors.  Through our research, we've identified solutions with vendors that will provide value for your organization.

Cerna is dedicated to becoming your partner, an extension of your team, and a trustworthy advisor to your organization.

Home Office: 1850 Diamond St. Suite 101, San Marcos, CA, 92078

About Us

Our Culture

Over eighty percent of our team is remote, with the added option to work out of our home office in Southern California.

Why Cerna

Market-leading solutions

Cerna Solutions offers leading-edge partner solutions for organizations of all sizes. Cerna is dedicated to becoming your partner, an extension of your team and a trustworthy adviser to your organization.

Work from Anywhere

Our team is built around remote work, enabling employees to reclaim their time and eliminate the dreaded daily commute

We utilize the newest work systems and software, allowing team members to collaborate from any device or location in the United States.

Personality Counts

We choose our team members wisely, prioritizing exemplary applicants who match our Cerna Family values

We call it the "Cerna Family" for a reason; we are committed to the long-term success of each of our team members

No Investors

We do what we want. We have zero investors and no outside control


We prioritize smart business decisions, resulting in consistent growth and zero debt

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Due to the high demand for our products and services, we doubled the size of our team year-over-year, and we're not done yet. 

Our Leadership

Our expertise starts from the top with the most experienced leaders in the industry

Matt Kite

Founder & CEO

Angela Dixon

Director of Operations

Dennis Melchi

Director of Technology

Anna Alferova

Director of Marketing

Heather McSherry

Director of Client Services

Tim Scott

Director of Alliances & Partnerships

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