Business Applications

Tailored solutions for your business

Cerna builds solutions faster, leveraging core components of the ServiceNow platform to enhance user experience, automation, and reporting.

Experience every business process as a digital workflow 

Connect the enterprise
Connect the enterprise
Automate business processes
Automate business processes
Engaging user experience
Engaging user experience

Connect the enterprise

ServiceNow centralizes disparate systems with proven workflows. By adding custom applications to the ServiceNow platform, organizations can further integrate processes across departments and remove data silos.

Leaders in Business Applications

Supercharge your apps with better insights and AI-powered experiences.


Every business is different, unique challenges sometimes require new solutions.

Work with Cerna to build a solution for any problem in a way that is tailored for your business.


Developing applications from scratch can be expensive. Leveraging everything the ServiceNow platform has to offer, Cerna can help create a custom application to fit the unique challenges of your business quickly and efficiently.


Nothing built on ServiceNow needs to be isolated, take advantage of the existing core data and connect to other processes on the platform.


Cerna’s unique project approach and depth of experience makes us a trusted industry leader. The excellence and professionalism of the Cerna team ensures consistent delivery of projects and an unmatched degree of customer satisfaction.

Phased Approach

Our white-glove approach focuses on identifying and remedying key issues.

Requirements Gathering

Demo Business Applications, collect requirements and deliver stories for acceptance

Iterative Development

Configure Business Applications as per best practice and customer requirements, continually show progress back to customer and collect new requirements

Testing & UAT Support

Support customer Acceptance Testers feedback and make configuration adjustments as appropriate

Go-Live & Hyper Care

Promote code to production and provide Hyper-Care

Client Success

See how companies like yours use Business Applications to maximize time to value

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Mobile Carrier Management

Built an application to automate provisioning management and deprovisioning management of mobile devices and lines across the US.

Dish Antenna

Access Provisioning

Built fully automated access requests to handle everything from approval to provisioning, leveraging the ServiceNow service catalog and Okta.

Organized Files

Application Portfolio Management

Track and plan the life-cycle of approved enterprise applications and products.


Unique ID Generation & Management

Automated the generation of necessary IDs for SAP, Active Directory, Email, Okta and more all while assuring uniqueness.

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Our experts are 100% US-based, with an average of 8+ years of experience on the Now Platform. Contact us to discover how we develop tailored applications to meet your unique business needs.