CERNA PODCAST LIVE: Episode 3 – Solving Common Problems for Automated Testing in ServiceNow


Join the experts at Cerna Solutions as we discuss all things ServiceNow in this live video podcast. In this episode, we review a few of the most common obstacles in a successful automated testing practice, and how to overcome them using best practices as well as Cerna’s CapIO solution.


In This Episode, We Discuss:

  • Why automated testing is difficult for some organizations to get started
  • How to select the right automated testing approach for your business
  • How does CapIO address common blocking issues for ServiceNow users
  • A look at CapIO’s latest features and most useful in action

Presented by:
Tim Leigh – Host
Sal Costa – Principal Architect, Cerna Solutions
Sabrina Ethridge – Technical Architect, Cerna Solutions
Angel Suon – Product Operations

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