Cerna Solutions Launches 2.2.0 Version of CapIO™ – Automated Testing Platform for ServiceNow®


Cerna Solutions Launches 2.2.0 Version of CapIO™ – Automated Testing Platform for ServiceNow®

CARLSBAD, Calif., Feb. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Information technology solutions and consulting services provider Cerna Solutions,  today announced the release of version 2.2.0 of CapIO™, a leading automated testing platform for ServiceNow®. CapIO provides a suite of tools, to standardize test automation for ServiceNow by providing a future-proof API with over 300 commands for building tests.

The recent 2.2.0 release includes several added enhancements to the already robust functionality of CapIO, making testing even more efficient for the end-user and their teams.  In the new 2.2.0 release, CapIO now has the ability to drive configurable notifiers to send emails and automatically create records within the ServiceNow platform. This also allows the user to send results to an external system.  Additionally, a ServiceNow Performance Plugin has been added, enabling the user to execute load and performance testing against ServiceNow. With the new System Compare Plugin, the user can find potential issues by comparing two ServiceNow instances. This comparison includes records changed, added or removed between systems.

“The continuous functionality improvements and additions to CapIO will not only provide additional benefits to our existing customers, but also to new customers looking to drive down the cost of software development and testing,” said Matthew Kite, founder and president of Cerna Solutions. “A number of Fortune 100 customers are already using the CapIO platform, and these enhancements will provide them even greater cost savings.”

CapIO uses a standard API which is built and maintained by Cerna, to protect scripts from future failures caused by changes to the ServiceNow application. Recently, Cerna also introduced CapIO 360 Degree Testing™, which allows the user to run tests at various levels, such as unit, functional and performance testing using a single application. This integrates all quality assurance needs into one process within an existing ServiceNow practice, uniting the testing practice across an organization into a single solution.

“In line with 360 Degree Testing, CapIO introduces notifiers, which allow the user to automate the handling of the results, and close the loop on the entire testing process,” said Sal Costa, principal architect with Cerna Solutions. “This is one less step that a developer needs to manually execute, which results in saving additional time and resources.”

About Cerna Solutions
Cerna Solutions specializes in developing cutting edge solutions and providing unmatched consulting services aimed at improving the way customers use ServiceNow. Cerna’s unique product is geared towards automated testing, along with other productivity solutions designed for the ServiceNow platform. Cerna’s team of highly skilled consultants have the training and certifications needed to meet a variety of specialized project requirements and the industry experience needed to make projects successful. To learn more about Cerna or to schedule a demo of CapIO, visit us at

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