Customer Service


Elevate your customer service from request to resolution

Great service means more than just engaging customers. Connect customer service with other teams to resolve issues quickly and proactively, using guided workflows and proven best practices.

Enhance the customer experience

Improve products and services
Improve products and services
Boost efficiency
Boost efficiency
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase customer satisfaction

Improve products and services

Scattered management of security vulnerabilities and incidents across multiple tools or even spreadsheets lead to a lack of accessible data. Security analysts start from scratch when investigating every issue, delaying response time and increasing manual work.

Boost efficiency

Fix issues faster and minimize costs by connecting customer service with field service and other departments. Centralizing customer case and support reduces cost, achieves SLA’s (service level agreements) and simplifies operations.

Increase customer satisfaction

Provide personalized and consistent self-service options and automate common customer requests. High visibility and control in a closed loop system enables service improvement.

Leaders in Customer Service Management

Our consulting practice focuses on perfecting the following.

Enhance Self-Service Capabilities

Increase customer loyalty by taking steps to address why customers need help in the first place.

ServiceNow’s proven workflows establish best practices and help guide team members during customer service management.

Optimize the Service Process

Identify the root causes of customer support issues with an interactive ServiceNow implementation which leads to continuous improvement

ServiceNow assists in collecting and analyzing data, and then involving everyone responsible for the end-to-end service delivery.

Integrate the Organization

Centralize disparate department systems better with ServiceNow, allowing CS to assign tasks across the enterprise.

Gain visibility into status with a visual task board provides accountability.

Utilize the Full Platform

Address common pain points by leveraging Cerna’s experience and unique perspective.

We can help size and implement a custom CSM solution; whether only case management or a full-featured self-service experience.

Phased Approach

Our white-glove approach focuses on identifying and remedying key issues.

Requirements Gathering

Demo Customer Service Management, collect requirements and deliver stories for acceptance

Iterative Development

Configure Customer Service Management as per best practice and customer requirements, continually show progress back to customer and collect new requirements

Testing & UAT Support

Support customer Acceptance Testers feedback and make configuration adjustments as appropriate

Go-Live & Hyper Care

Promote code to production and provide Hyper-Care

Client Success

See how companies like yours use Customer Service Management to deliver exceptional customer service experiences.

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Modern Customer Experience

Engage customers with self-service enablement and a streamlined support model

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Support Internal Customers

Support active projects using the same experience provided to customers



Support Students and Alumni

Consolidate processes to support gift administration, alumni, and other organizations using ServiceNow

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Ready to learn more?

Customer Service Management groups key applications and capabilities into scalable packages that can grow with you as your needs change. 


Our experts are 100% US-based, with an average of 8+ years of experience on the Now Platform. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with our test management and test automation capabilities.