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Check out this custom Service Portal we recently built for a long-time customer. This portal is designed to support at least 8 departments of services, and is custom-tailored to a bevy of advanced requirements. There were several things we had to consider in finding the perfect fit: 

  • We were upgrading from a very customized CMS portal 
  • Users were very accustomed to all the form and list features of the classic UI, and they weren’t ready to give that up 
  • Limited time and budget 
  • Need to easily grow with more departments 
  • Stakeholders were hesitant to invest and are now expecting this to look awesome 

Ultimately, users needed a pleasant and intuitive one-stop-shop for: 

  • Managing approvals 
  • Reporting problems 
  • Browsing services and items from several departments 
  • Managing delegations 
  • Checking the status of tickets 

After conducting a comprehensive design workshop, we built and delivered a simple, beautiful portal that is flexible and powerful. 

Personalized Homepage 

The homepage focuses on content that is most important to the user. Content is sorted on the page by priority of use case. The homepage gives access to everything the site has to offer. 

Flexible Menu System 

The main menu allows quick access to any department or category of services. This menu system has been enhanced so that portal administrators can easily link to just about anything. It’s especially useful for guiding users to services from various departments. 

Easy Navigation of My Tickets 

An improved My Tickets page gives at-a-glance details, quick access, and users with lots of tickets can use advanced sorting and filtering abilities. 

Ability to Bookmark Favorites 

Users can save content in their favorites list and access it from anywhere in the site. 

Access to the Old Way of Doing Things 

Many users were rather attached to the level of detail and function they got from the classic UI. For those users who prefer, we make the classic UI view available for any record. The old familiar form or list will load in a modal window that can easily be closed. 

Comprehensive Searching 

Users can search for any content they have permission to see, including Tickets and Catalog content. Results are easily navigated with comprehensive filters. 

Shop By Department 

Departments don’t need to fight for space in the portal. They can each have their own landing page, such as these Facilities and IT landing pages that provide nice overviews of the department, as well as quick access to common and popular links. 

Please check out our blogs and other content on Service Portal for ServiceNow by clicking here. If you’d like to start a conversation about Service Portal consulting, or other ServiceNow needs, send us a message below, and we’ll be happy to connect with you as soon as possible.

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