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The ServiceNow® Integrated Risk Management Program is made up of five applications that can work together or as a standalone solution depending on the needs and maturity of your organization’s IRM team: Risk Management, Policy & Compliance, Audit Management, Vendor Risk Management, and ___

Our experts have recorded end to end demos to explore the functionality and workflows for each application. 

servicenow risk management application demo video

Learn how the ServiceNow Risk Management Application on the Now Platform enables organizations to continuously monitor, identify, and mitigate risks.

From Identified to Mitigated - ServiceNow Risk Management Application Demo

irm_cf_policy compliance sdemo video cov

See how the ServiceNow Policy & Compliance application helps ensure your organization is following the applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards that your organization must comply with. 

Effectively Manage Compliance with ServiceNow - Policy & Compliance Application Demo

irm_cf_vemdor risk management demo video

Relying on vendors to perform day-to-day business operations carries risks. Learn how to mitigate those risks in the ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management Application.

Understand & Mitigate Vendor Risks with ServiceNow - Vendor Risk Management Application Demo



IRM Maturity Table-100.jpg

Integrated Risk Management Maturity Model

Our GRC experts developed a maturity model that integrates risk, compliance, governance, and audit into one Integrated Risk Management (IRM) model. This model provides a map of typical organizational maturity as it relates to People, Process, and Technology. See what's next in the maturity journey.


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Get a Complimentary Expert GRC Assessment

Would you like to take your IRM maturity to the next level? Complete our comprehensive GRC questionnaire to be eligible for a complimentary 1-hour assessment!

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See how the control attestation feature in the ServiceNow Policy & Compliance application can save your IRM team time and create an accurate picture of compliance across the organization.

Compliance Management

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How to use ServiceNow Control Attestations

See how ServiceNow policy management makes it easy to publish policies out to your company and ensure those policies are reviewed, approved, and kept up to date.

Integrated Risk Management

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Centralize Policy Management on ServiceNow

See how Tiering Assessments help to understand the type of data a vendor will be accessing and how that will impact the organization’s exposure.

Vendor Risk Management

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How to do a Tiering Assessment on ServiceNow

Our Spotlight on ServiceNow series provides expert walkthroughs of the most requested and important features in ServiceNow. Stay informed: Subscribe to our YouTube channel.


ServiceNow’s Integrated Risk Management suite allows Governance, Risk, and Compliance professionals to quickly assess and prioritize objectives while simplifying communication between business units. 

Watch our joint webinar with ServiceNow to see how ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (IRM) simplifies the Policy and Compliance, Risk, and Audit workflows for both IRM teams and business stakeholders. 


Products & Solutions

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IRM Portal for ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management

IRM Portal simplifies workflows for business stakeholder interactions with Policy & Compliance, Risk, Audit, and Vendor Risk in ServiceNow.

all_cf_prescritive offering_2020-12 ipad

Vendor Risk Management Prescriptive Offering

Would you like to take your IRM maturity to the next level? Complete our comprehensive GRC questionnaire to be eligible for a complimentary 1-hour assessment!

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Integrated Risk Management for ServiceNow

Transform inefficient processes by combining security, IT, and risk capabilities into an integrated risk program built on the Now Platform. 

Whether you are looking for a ServiceNow application implementation, revert back-to-the-box, or you need help solving a unique business objective, our experts have over 8+ years of average ServiceNow experience, and are 100% US-based. Explore our ServiceNow Certified IRM Portal on the ServiceNow store, view our Integrated Risk Management expertise,

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