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Increase efficiency with automation

Connect everything in the work environment to ServiceNow, providing a centralized location to track, assign, and manage work. Integrate with third party applications to drive automation and enrich data.

Build a better business

Increase Efficiency

Integrate disparate systems and processes leading to increased opportunity for automation, while reducing repetitive manual tasks.

The Cerna Solution

Companies choose us because of our leading industry experience.

Integration Methodology

Try, retry, re-mediate:

  1. Try first,

  2. If it fails, retry a certain number of times

  3. If it continues to fail, IT addresses deficiency.

ServiceNow Experience

Our highly skilled team of ServiceNow experts average over 6 years of experience on the platform

Specializing in business process, requirements workshops, integrations, implementations, and more.

Not just Developers

We work with customers to understand their challenges, processes, and environment to find the solution that is right for them. 

Our experts will help you find the simple, best practice approach, that works for your needs.

Phased Approach

Our white-glove approach focuses on identifying and remedying key issues.

Requirements Gathering

Demo Automation & Integrations, collect requirements and deliver stories for acceptance

Iterative Development

Configure Automation & Integrations as per best practice and customer requirements, continually show progress back to customer and collect new requirements

Testing & UAT Support

Support customer Automation & Integrations feedback and make configuration adjustments as appropriate

Go-Live & Hyper Care

Promote code to production and provide Hyper-Care

Capabilities that scale with your business

Section 4: Examples of Customer Success
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Client Success

See how companies like yours use Automation and Integrations to connect the enterprise.


Rapid Onboarding

Reduced the time to provision a new hire from 40 to 10 calendar days.


Consistent Onboarding

Reduced the number of missed or delayed provisioning tasks to zero.


Efficient Onboarding

Automated manual tasks which led to increased efficiency.


Rapid Automated Provisioning

Reduced turn-around time of access requests from more than 10 days to as fast as a click of a button.


Consistent Automated Provisioning

The entire access request process from approval to provisioning is centralized providing transparency leading to increased compliance.


Efficient Automated Provisioning

Reduced number of manual tasks led to increased efficiency

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