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IRM Questionnaire

I have a documented list of compliance frameworks I comply with.





I have a list of controls that I am currently monitoring.
My controls have business owners assigned to them to show ownership outside of my Risk and Compliance organization.
My control compliance is assessed on a defined periodic schedule.
I have integrations to data sources that automatically validate control compliance.

About Me

My policies are stored and viewable in a central location.
I have a defined review and approval process for policies prior to publishing.
I have a defined list of risks that are monitored (a risk register).
My risks are scored against defined criteria.
I have a defined process to create risk mitigation plans.
I have a review and approval process for accepting risks.
I have a team that manages my internal audit process.
I have a defined process for assigning out responsibilities and tasks for internal audits.
I have documented, reusable test plans for internal audits.
My audits have defined relationships to control and risk libraries.
I generate post audit reports and store them in a central location.

Vendor Risk

Questions in my vendor assessment directly link to controls I am monitoring and can update compliance and risk scoring.

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I have a process defined to periodically assess my risks.
I have a periodic review process for policies.
My policies are linked to specific control objectives (requirements).
I have a defined process to approve policy exceptions.
My vendor information is stored in a centralized location.
I have a process to assess vendors internally to determine potential risk.
I store my external vendor assessments in a central location after completion.
I have a formula that calculates the risk score for a vendor based off the responses to the vendor assessment.
irm_cf_free assessment evaluation_2020-0

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