Updated: Mar 31

Upgrades Can Be Painful

Upgrading ServiceNow® is a large undertaking. Many organizations take up to six weeks to complete an upgrade. Furthermore, it's difficult to predict breaking points within a vast platform that offers almost no testing shortcuts.

To make matters worse, ServiceNow is eliminating support for releases that are older than two versions before the current version. This means instances must be updated about once a year to comply with "N-1." "N" being the current version, and -1 being the version before. ServiceNow will now only provide patches and hotfixes for those two supported releases.

You generally can schedule upgrades at your convenience; however, if you fall behind and your instance is on an unsupported release family, ServiceNow will schedule an upgrade for your instance to the most current release family to ensure access to the latest features as well as the latest security, performance, and availability benefits.

From the ServiceNow Upgrade Policy

Then Why Upgrade?

Upgrading to the most current version of ServiceNow allows you to take full advantage of the newest platform functionality. This enables the utilization of new products made available by ServiceNow. Also, ServiceNow stresses that your instances will be more secure, have higher availability, and their performance will be better.

To help our community stay compliant and avoid forced upgrades, we have developed a comprehensive upgrade guide. How to Prepare for a ServiceNow Upgrade is an eight-page manual that provides guidance on when and why you should upgrade, along with how to prepare for an upgrade using our expert best practices. This free guide also covers common pitfalls to help you protect yourself from painful surprises on your upgrade path. If you need guidance on how to properly prepare and execute an upgrade or are looking for strategies to shorten your testing phase and stomp out bugs faster, this guide is for you.

Need Help Upgrading your ServiceNow Instance?

Recognized as a ServiceNow "Elite" partner, we are a team full of 100% US-based ServiceNow professionals who have completed numerous ServiceNow upgrades from Kingston to Orlando. Our upgrade approach has earned us a repeat customer rate of 91%, and a customer satisfaction score of 9.7/10. Learn more about our ServiceNow Upgrade approach, or contact us.

Updated: Mar 31

Our Emergency Response Team has been hard at work combing through the new features of ServiceNow’s Crisis Management applications. We have developed an Implementation Guide to help the communities that we live in quickly respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the ServiceNow Applications

The Emergency Response Operations application optimizes staff and resources to support emergency response for public agencies and other organizations.

The Emergency Outreach application provides a mechanism for employees and contingent workers with access to your ServiceNow application to report their health status.

The Emergency Exposure Management application helps identify and manage exposure risk when an employee is diagnosed with an illness.

The Emergency Self Report enables employees to report illnesses and readiness to return, and initiates workflows to help managers respond.

About the Guide

Our ServiceNow Emergency Outreach Deployment Guide provides guidance on how to get started. It assumes you have already installed the applications into an existing ServiceNow instance. For information on how to install the applications, visit the ServiceNow documentation website.

About Cerna Solutions

Founded in 2012, we are a team of 100% US-based ServiceNow experts, dedicated to revolutionizing the place of work. In these uncertain times, we are happy to donate our expertise to impacted communities. If you have a need, we are here to serve.

Updated: Apr 1

Today we are honored to be recognized as an “ELITE” ServiceNow partner with authoritative expertise on the topics of HR Service Delivery, IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, Security Operations, Integrated Risk Management, and everything in between.

We started with a commitment to hiring experts; people who drive digital transformations on the ServiceNow platform and revolutionize the place of work. We built a US-based team that spans across the country. Our experts have on average over 7 years of ServiceNow experience.

We’re doing this the right way.

In these tough times, we are not in a race to grow as fast as we can. Our mission from the beginning has been to achieve organic and sustainable growth by not taking on any debt or investors. We have forged successful relationships with our clients which has enabled a 93% repeat business rate and a customer satisfaction score of 9.7/10. To our clients with whom we share this honor of “Elite” status, thank you.

What’s next?

We will continue to drive digital transformations as we implement ServiceNow capabilities and workflows across the globe. We are committed to our clients’ success as we continue to grow our team and forge ahead as ServiceNow leaders.

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