Thinking about moving to Orlando? We are, too! Our experts have been kicking the tires on the next release of ServiceNow, which is out now. Check out some of our internal release notes on feature changes that are coming in hot in Orlando! (Note: This is not an all-inclusive list of changed functionality.)

Application Studio is getting some love in Orlando with respect to source control integration.

• Awwww! Application Studio is learning to share. In Orlando, you can edit application files OUTSIDE of Studio.

• Finally, we get a little support from Studio when it comes to MID Servers.

• You are now free to move about the cabin. And, to move application files within a GIT repository. Boom!

• Wouldn’t it be nice to “set it and forget it” when it comes to the default GIT repository branch? Now we have a system property just for that.

When is a good time to clone? Always and never. Cloning just got less painful in Orlando. Two enhancements that will save you time are:

1. Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Superman? Nah, it’s just a clone profile, which allows you to define your cloning needs ahead of time, making it fast and easy to request one when you need it.

2. Hedge your bets by preserving update sets before a clone. Look, we still recommend backing up your update sets before cloning – safety first and all. But, preserving them in the instance will greatly reduce the risk of losing in-progress work.

Bienvenue, Willkommen, Bienvenidos to these Multi-language Support Improvements in Orlando:

• Dynamic Translation of activity streams and Service Portal forms.

• Domain separation will also be supported for Dynamic Translation.

Agent Workspace is getting worked!

• Hey, you be you (‘cuz you’re awesome). Be unique with enhanced workspace customization, including the ability to customize landing pages, logos and more.

• Let’s be honest: form navigation was kind of a bummer in New York. It’s better in Orlando.

• As long as we’re in the trust tree, list support wasn’t exactly awesome either. In Orlando, you’ll get database views, highlighting fields and better performance

• New Agent Assist and Chat Features

• Support for additional field types

• Sharing is caring as they say and now you’ll be able to share Agent Workspace views of a record via URL so you can collaborate better with your buddies.

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Communicate important messages like outages or changes to your portal audience quickly and easily.

The Service Portal Announcements feature makes creating and maintaining on-brand or color-coded announcements simple and easy.

With a handful of key configurations available, as well as custom reusable styles, Announcements raises the bar for Service Portal functionality. Watch the below video to learn how easy it is to create a custom Announcement Style with ServiceNow®.

This guide will be focusing on creating “Announcement Styles”. These styles can be re-used when creating or maintaining future announcements. This is useful if you are an instance administrator creating custom styles on your own, or if you are a project sponsor/stakeholder involved in a Service Portal project. A set of announcement styles needed for specific use cases would be great information to provide at the beginning stages of a portal project.

First, find an existing Announcement or create a new one.  After completing the mandatory fields and other pertinent information, select the search icon next to the “Display Style” field and select “New”.

To re-use the announcement style, simply search for the name of the style created instead of selecting “New”.

Steps to create an Announcement style:

1. Give the Style a name. This name should be descriptive of a theme or the situations in which to use the intended Style.

For example, “Light Branded Style” or “Dark Branded Style” would be descriptive of a theme. “Urgent Outage Style” or “ITIL Targeted News Style” describes when to use the style. 

2. Select a background color. This will be the color behind the Announcement text. Use brand colors if you aren’t sure where to start. Red is great to convey urgency or importance. Green conveys success or a fix. 

Make sure to use a HEX color, which means put a pound (#) sign before 3 or 6 numbers/letters. If you aren’t sure what the hexadecimal of a color is, you can easily google an online Hexadecimal color picker.  

3. Choose a foreground color. This will be the color of the text and icon of the Announcement. Ensure the Background color and Foreground color have enough contrast for the best visibility

4. Lastly, we can select the Alignment of the Announcement text. Be aware, putting different text alignments in close proximity could be jarring. Aim for consistency.

5. Submit the Announcement Style once all the fields have been completed. The newly created Announcement Style should be populated in the “Display Style” field and will be applied to the Announcement. 

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Updated: Apr 1

Join the experts at Cerna Solutions as we discuss all things ServiceNow® in a live video podcast. In this episode, we discuss how to evaluate the health of your CMDB, as well as which best practices to adopt to promote health early on. Learn the best ways to prevent complications with your CMDB and how to resolve problems that may already exist. Register to watch live as we answer your questions and grow in your understanding of what ServiceNow – and your CMDB – can really do.

Watch as we discuss:

  1. Tools and strategies for evaluating CMDB health

  2. Preventing and addressing common obstacles to CMDB usability

  3. What to do when your CMDB is no longer effective

Presented by:

  1. Jeff Marlow

  2. Blake Davis

  3. Tim Leigh

* Cerna Solutions reserves the right to exclude anyone from participating or viewing its webinars, including, but not limited to, outside competitors, for any reason.

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