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5 Ways ServiceNow Makes HR Easier

five ways servicenow makes human resources HR easier

Managing human resources is no small task. Your day-to-day responsibilities have an enormous effect on the overall success of your organization – training and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, recruitment, and the list goes on. We know how important your role is, and how challenging it can be. That’s why we’ve put together this list of helpful tips and tools found in the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery application that you can use to radically improve your employee’s experience, and reduce phone calls, emails, and other manual activities that keep your HR team in the weeds.

1. Employee Service Center

The Employee Service Center (ESC) provides a unified, consumer-like experience at work for employees to find information, ask questions, and report problems without having to know who to contact. It could be any department in the organization (HR, IT, Facilities, etc.). The ESC allows HR to easily communicate with employees regarding HR services and provides transparency into the status of requests.

Another feature of the Employees Service Center is to allow targeted campaigns to be displayed to a specific subset of employees based on their location, department, or role. For example, if you need to run a campaign after the first of the year for 401k contributions, the Employee Service Center can display a list of tasks for the employee to complete, such as review their current contribution percentage, confirm changes, and provide an e-Signature after the changes are made or the current contribution level is accepted.

2. HR Service Delivery Agent Workspace

The HR Service Delivery Workspace allows HR Agents to manage their work and communicate with employees via an easy-to-use interface, giving them different views/dashboards of HR related information, such as:

  • Cases ready to be worked

  • Incoming chats or calls from employees

  • Case metrics (total cases closed today, etc.)

  • High priority tasks

  • Case Service Level Agreement (SLA) information

  • A playbook for lifecycle events, which allows HR agents to see all related lifecycle event activities on a single screen

  • Content Management, which can be configured with special links for your organization

3. Easy Management of Lifecycle Events

There are a number of events that occur during an employee’s journey, from the first email sent for the initial phone screen, until the employee leaves the company and it’s time to collect their equipment. The ServiceNow Platform allows for automation and centralization of these types of events, such as Onboarding, Offboarding, Medical Leave, Name Changes, Promotions, Retirement, and Office Relocations. These events can be configured to be managed anywhere, even from mobile devices!

Maybe you have an employee that is scheduled to start a month from now, but they hit the lottery (oh, if we all could be so lucky!) and decide that they aren’t going to join your organization after all. The Paris release allows for lifecycle events such as the onboarding process to be rescinded, which reverts the work already completed and notifies stakeholders that the offer has been withdrawn.

4. Integration with other platforms

Do you have payroll information in one system, basic employee data in another, and talent recruitment information in another system? ServiceNow HR Service Delivery allows for the integration of the data from these tools and platforms. Your HR team can have more time to get their morning coffee and ensure that new hires are ready to go on their first day, instead of having to remember 4 different logins and 4 different passwords, one of which includes a lowercase letter, capital letter, number, currency symbol, and 30 characters – DOH!

Here are a few names of tools/platforms that ServiceNow HR Service Delivery seamlessly integrates with:

  • SuccessFactors

  • ADP

  • Taleo

  • Concur

  • Workday

  • Oracle

  • First Advantage

5. Document Templates and Document Management

The Employee Document Management application provides a secure area for employees to submit documents to HR, without the usage of physical paper (which is better for the environment!) or ink and pen. The document can be captured, reviewed, stored, and purged through a workflow-driven process, and your organization does not need to worry about physical retention of the document, security of the document, or unintentional destruction of the document. Suits, anyone?

Want to learn more about how ServiceNow can make HR easier? Contact us below to talk with one of our experts about finding a solution that is right for you. Learn more about our Human Resources experience or learn how Cerna Solutions can work with you to create a personalized Service Portal to meet your company’s unique needs.

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