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Build Email Notifications that Get Noticed with this ServiceNow Certified App

Users are fed up with auto-generated emails that lack personalization, actionable information, stale data and the flash-and-sizzle of your corporate identity. If the email you send isn’t capturing the attention of your user, the overall customer experience is at risk and technology adoption hangs in the balance. 

With about a million out of the box notifications in ServiceNow (okay, not a million, but a lot!), it’s not easy to create messages in a consistent voice, tone and brand. It takes time to optimize each notification for device types and email clients. Changing aesthetics as part of periodic re-branding or corporate acquisition is tedious and repetitive work. Administrators need a fast way to create notifications that break through the noise in an inbox to connect with the user. 

With Email Builder, your users will take notice - and action! Email Builder allows you to create notifications that inspire action with tailored messaging delivered in a consistent look-and-feel that aligns with your corporate brand. From a ServiceNow administrator perspective, the click-and-drag interface and code reuse capability allows you to quickly apply universal changes across all notifications.  

Email Builder also comes with a guide to email notification governance.

Key Features

The Email Builder app allows ServiceNow administrators to:

“Wow!” your users! Imagine: all your notifications look like they came from the same cool company. And, your users feel cool because they work for a cool company, that has cool emails. And, that promotes technology adoption. How cool is that? (With Email Builder, you can easily apply a consistent look-and-feel to email notifications in terms of color schemes, slick layouts, and sick images.)

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Rebranding happens. Companies change their look from time to time. They refresh logos and color palettes. They acquire new companies. They are acquired. Save time in your next rebrand by building notification components that can be reused across all notifications or a subset. Reduce your time and reuse your code. How’s that for recycling?

Put your users in the driver’s seat. With data-driven, dynamic content you can build notifications that contain the information that your users need to make decisions. Like, for a P1 ticket, you might need a little more context. A good customer experience isn’t ALL about having the right information at the right time, but it sure doesn’t hurt, does it? 

Drop it like it’s hot. We wrapped this crazy good email notification builder in a wicked click-and-drag interface. So, go ahead. Move it around until you get it the way you like it. We’ll wait.

Create Emails That Are Engaging and Easy to Maintain

When it comes to your customer experience, notifications matter. Elevate your email with Email Builder. Now available on the ServiceNow store.

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