• David Tessaro

Centralize Policy Management on ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Having employees follow company policies is one of the key components of a successful risk and compliance program. For policies to be followed, they need to be easily accessible and have a defined lifecycle for review, approval, publishing, and retirement.

ServiceNow policy management makes it easy to publish policies out to your company and ensure those policies are reviewed, approved, and kept up to date.

Policy Lifecycle

Managing policy lifecycles in ServiceNow enables you to take advantage of the whole ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (or IRM) platform and extract meaningful data about policy compliance. Allowing users to submit policy exceptions in ServiceNow gives an easy way for your business to request exceptions and route directly to your policy and compliance team for review and approval.

Once the policy exception has been reviewed and approved, you can directly update your control compliance by having the policies linked to controls. This link enables compliance and risk data to be kept up to date in real-time and easily viewed in ServiceNow’s dashboards.