• Anna Alferova

Discover the Top 5 ServiceNow Apps

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

top 5 applications in servicenow app store

ServiceNow App Store offers a huge variety of enterprise workflow applications built by certified partners and solution providers that complement and extend ServiceNow expertise. Think of the Store as a marketplace for both paid and free apps, including integrations developed and deployed on the ServiceNow Platform. The ServiceNow Store is home to over 300 applications and integrations, and while it is quite easy to navigate, we often hear from our customers: “What are the top applications in the ServiceNow store?”

Our experts have weighed in, here are the Top 5 ServiceNow Applications:

Source: ServiceNow App Store

1) VividCharts

VividCharts is an advanced data visualization and presentation platform developed on ServiceNow. It allows customers to present live data visualizations through engaging formats and delivery vehicles without exporting data to external tools. VividCharts offers an extensive library of over 60 chart types for all your data visualization needs. The best part: VividCharts is highly customizable and comes with pre-built dashboards and infographics ready for customers to deploy on day 1!

The Service Management team at Intuit a global software company that specializes in developing and selling financial, accounting, and tax preparation software saw VividCharts as a platform that could accelerate their ability to deliver value back to the business while eliminating redundant, manual work for their world-class talent.

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Source: ServiceNow App Store

2) PhishBait

PhishBait is an automated Email Phishing simulator developed on the ServiceNow platform. It enables customers to automate and recreate fake phishing activities in corporate environments to provide detailed reporting on the open rate and click rate trends organized by user groups.

How it works: Educate your employees on the latest phishing risks and techniques by sending out automated fake phishing email campaigns to your users from “fake” email accounts. Once the user clicks the link in the phishing email, ServiceNow will automatically log this activity and provide valuable feedback to management teams from areas of the business that might need training on identifying and avoiding phishing attacks.

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Source: ServiceNow App Store