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Empower Employee Experience with ServiceNow's Self-Service Portal

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Are you looking to transform the way your employees access self-service resources? Look no further. You need a professionally designed and user-friendly Employee Self-Service Portal built on the Now Platform!

Cerna provides comprehensive Service Portal design and development services. Whether you are upgrading from CMS or starting from scratch, our Service Portal consultants are masters at delivering custom portals tailored to your unique organizational needs and culture. We offer flexible portal solutions that scale as you grow and build it right to ensure you get the most out of the ServiceNow Service Portal investment.

Employee Self-Service Portal implementations by Cerna | Explore UX Showcase

Our team of 100% US-based ServiceNow experts developed this pre-built Service Portal implementation strategy to transform the employee experience and boost organizational productivity.

The Employee Self ‘Service Portal’ leverages ServiceNow data to present employees with a user-friendly web portal that acts as a gateway to important information, tasks, and resources. Organizations of all sizes, cultures, and maturity levels can expect increased employee engagement upon implementing a Service Portal. Cerna’s experts offer two unique approaches for Service Portal implementations based on the needs of the organization:

1) QuickStart ServiceNow Service Portal

Connect the organization and boost internal brand confidence with a responsive, mobile-friendly support experience. Empower employees with self-service capabilities that drive transparency while deflecting IT support requests and incidents. This plan enhances out of the box functionality and is most suitable for organizations between 1000-5000 employees that are looking to implement a ServiceNow Employee Self Service Portal fast! Download the offering now to learn more

2) Personalized ServiceNow Service Portal

This offering expands upon the QuickStart implementation to provide personalized, multi-department browsing experiences that return tailored search results and favorites. Continuously improve organizational efficiency with self-service analytics and metrics. This plan is most suitable for larger organizations looking to implement a Service Portal that drives transparency and confidence across the organization - from the C-suite executives all the way down to entry-level employees. Download offering now

ServiceNow employee self-service portal implementation strategy

Cerna offers an ever-expanding catalog of ServiceNow Prescriptive Offerings | Explore More

Download our prescriptive offering PDF to explore details for each of the Service Portal plans, including:

  • Project timeline broken down by phases

  • Estimated project participation for your stakeholders in hours, mapped to each phase

  • Cerna staffing and roles

  • Full project scope

  • Predicted business outcomes and benefits

Need a more tailored solution? We can build a completely custom implementation strategy based on the needs of your organization. Don't wait any longer to improve your employee experience! Explore our service portal expertise, or contact us for more information.

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