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Gauging Workforce Readiness with ServiceNow’s New Safe Workplace Applications

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

This just in: ServiceNow® has released four new Safe Workplace Applications to help organizations track health risks and workplace preparedness during the ongoing pandemic. Once installed, these four applications can be linked to the Safe Workplace Dashboard, allowing users to evaluate workplace readiness data in a centralized location. The addition of these applications to the ServiceNow store further rounds out ServiceNow’s offering of crisis management applications, which we covered in-depth back in March.

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Let’s take a look at each of the new applications' use cases, as well as their key benefits (as sourced from the ServiceNow store).

Workforce Safety Management for ServiceNow Covid-19
Source: ServiceNow store

Workplace Safety Management

This application allows workplace managers to allocate workspaces in a safe and efficient manner while offering a real-time view into preventative maintenance activities complete with full audit trails. Here are the key features from the ServiceNow store page:

  • Space Administration: Manage workplaces by adding details such as spaces, areas, floors, buildings, campuses, sites, and regions. By indicating the availability of space, areas, and floors, workplace managers can plan and implement a phased return of employees to the workplace.

  • Shift Management: Create shifts and schedule them for specific times and days. Start planning for workplace occupancy levels by allocating employees and available workspaces to specific shifts.

  • Space Reservation: Reserve workspaces for employees according to the shifts they operate in. Both the employee and the workplace manager are notified of reservations in an email.

  • Workplace Maintenance: Monitor scheduled maintenance activities in the workplace for each shift. You can also schedule planned or on-demand maintenance tasks and generate reports to track the progress of these activities.

  • Dashboard: Using data visualizations, evaluate the availability of workspaces and occupancy levels of your office locations. Monitor the progress of workplace tasks on the workplace dashboard.

| Download the Workplace Safety Management Application

Employee Health Screening

This application enables leadership to determine if it is safe for employees to enter the workplace, while staying compliant with their organizational entry requirements, such as a temperature check and PPE (personal protective equipment). Key features from the ServiceNow store:

  • Screen employees at workplace entry

  • View trends across workplace environments on a dashboard

  • Manage workplace entries with the Now Mobile app or Service Portal

| Download the Workplace Safety Management Application

Employee Readiness Surveys

For organizations eager to get back to the office, it is important to gauge employee readiness to return. Get insight into key metrics such as employee health status, and survey concerns such as anxiety about workplace safety. Understanding these responses will help organizations determine the steps needed to facilitate a safe return to the office. Key features from the ServiceNow store page include:

  • Assess employee health, sentiment regarding return to work, and overall readiness

  • Leverages existing targeted audiences in Emergency Outreach

  • Scorecard dashboards display user survey responses

  • Support for taking surveys in the Now Mobile app

| Download the Employee Readiness Surveys Application

Workplace PPE Inventory Management

Managing inventory for personal protective equipment is the new normal for organizations that must maintain an in-house workforce. This application provides a comprehensive view of inventory by facility, with historical data to monitor changes over time. Key features from the ServiceNow store page include:

  • Supports both consumable PPE (i.e. masks) as well as hardware (i.e. shields, temp scanners)

  • Manage PPE inventory levels across locations

  • Automatically trigger stockroom transfers to meet demand

  • Users can request PPE through a service catalog or the Now Mobile app

| Download the Workplace PPE Inventory Management Application

ServiceNow safe workplace dashboard
Source: ServiceNow

Safe Workplace Dashboard

If you want to take your workplace readiness monitoring to the next level, this application centralizes data from the Safe Workplace Applications. However, keep in mind this application requires the following applications to be installed: Emergency Self-Report, Emergency Outreach, Employee Readiness Survey, Employee Health Screening, Workplace PPE Inventory Management, and Workplace Safety Management. With all these working together, you can:

  • Quickly see the readiness of sites to support employees returning

  • Drill into locations to see the status of cleaning and availability of PPE and workspaces

  • Open Safe Workplace apps from the dashboard to take action

  • Visualize global infection rates using publicly available aggregated datasets

| Get the Safe Workplace Dashboard from the Developer program

Safe Workplace Dashboard for Covid-19 ServiceNow
Source: ServiceNow developer program

Need help measuring workplace readiness?

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