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How to Streamline Your IT Department with ServiceNow in 3 Actionable Steps

You know the efficiency of your IT department affects your entire organization. When IT isn’t working as it should, the whole business is stalled. Money is lost, fingers are pointed. That’s why we’ve made this list of 4 tips that will help you improve the productivity of your IT department. Follow them all, pick and choose which ones you’re ready to implement, it’s up to you.

1. Consolidate Systems

Maintaining multiple systems across the organization is inefficient and spreads your IT department too thin. That’s where the importance of a single system comes in. No one does this better than ServiceNow, a leading cloud solution fit for the entire enterprise. ServiceNow provides a single platform solution for managing service relationships not only within IT, but also across the entire organization. With the help of ServiceNow, you can optimize your IT service model and improve all other enterprise service disciplines into highly proficient service providers.

Learn how to consolidate your systems with ServiceNow here.

2. Automate Wherever Possible

Other than in documentation, another area to consider automation is testing. Maybe you’ve experienced something like this before – a new application is rolled out to the company and it’s full of bugs that weren’t caught during development. Or you just updated to the latest version of a mission-critical tool, and now a whole new set of features stops working. The main problem of manual testing is testers require the foresight of knowing exactly what to test and may not account for unexpected changes that can cause a chain reaction in unseen areas of the system.

The consequences of using outdated manual testing can be far-reaching and expensive in terms of the time and money required to fix problems that should have been caught during development. That’s why we created CapIO, a comprehensive automated testing solution for ServiceNow. CapIO takes both the guess work and leg work out of manual testing. Automated testing allows for remarkably accurate testing in a fraction of the time and saves your organization money in the long run by catching bugs and problems before they become too difficult to fix.

Learn more here about CapIO – Automated Testing for ServiceNow.

3. Improve User Experience

When your users are your organization’s employees, it’s important they have a good user experience. Employee experience is constantly improving, and if you don’t keep up, it can lead to increased turnover rates as employees move elsewhere. Companies offering outdated services are seeing a real disadvantage. A well-built user experience goes a long way in improving employee engagement and the overall well-being of departments. One way to guarantee the best user experience possible is a customized ServiceNow Service Portal.

A properly built Service Portal removes the headache associated with user requests. This streamlines user experience and improves your outdated ticketing process, meaning your IT department can focus on what really matters.

Learn more about customizing your Service Portal here.

Let our experts help you come up with the right plan for your organization. Contact us today for a customized solution.

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