• David Tessaro

How to use ServiceNow Control Attestations to Streamline Compliance Management

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The control attestation feature in the ServiceNow Policy & Compliance module can save your Integrated Risk Management (IRM) team time and create an accurate picture of compliance across your organization.

ServiceNow® control attestations help by:

  • Reducing questions and back forth via emails by bringing the entire control attestation process into the Now Platform

  • Reducing work burden on both control owners and compliance analyst with trackable and assigned attestation assessments

  • Enabling better visibility into control compliance. The system automatically sets the compliance state of controls and keeps a record of the evidence provided by control owners

  • Saving control owners time by certifying compliance of multiple controls with attestation groups

Do you want to learn more about control attestation in ServiceNow? Watch this video provided by Cerna Solutions to learn how.

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Need help managing compliance in your organization?

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