• David Tessaro

Insight Live: Healthy CMDB, Happy CMDB

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Join the experts at Cerna Solutions as we discuss all things ServiceNow® in a live video podcast. In this episode, we discuss how to evaluate the health of your CMDB, as well as which best practices to adopt to promote health early on. Learn the best ways to prevent complications with your CMDB and how to resolve problems that may already exist. Register to watch live as we answer your questions and grow in your understanding of what ServiceNow – and your CMDB – can really do.


Watch as we discuss:

  1. Tools and strategies for evaluating CMDB health

  2. Preventing and addressing common obstacles to CMDB usability

  3. What to do when your CMDB is no longer effective

Presented by:

  1. Jeff Marlow

  2. Blake Davis

  3. Tim Leigh


* Cerna Solutions reserves the right to exclude anyone from participating or viewing its webinars, including, but not limited to, outside competitors, for any reason.

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