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Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Portal Now Available on the ServiceNow Store

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Are you looking to reduce repetitive tasks around compiling data and reports? Would you like to interact with risk and compliance data in a more intuitive way? We have your solution!

IRM Portal–the newest ServiceNow Certified application developed by Cerna Solutions–consolidates enterprise risk and compliance data into one user-friendly application.

Explore Relational Data

By aggregating and visualizing key information from key ServiceNow IRM applications, the IRM Portal simplifies the ways users interact with Risk, Audit, Vendor Risk, and Policy & Compliance data. This consolidated view of IRM guides users to take relevant actions according to relational data.

Stay informed

Stay informed with the portal’s data visualizations including the risk heatmap, data explorer, my tasks and issues, and much more!

With IRM Portal, complex data is consolidated contextually, and relational data is shown visually. Users now have seamless access to common activities such as:

  • looking up approved vendors,

  • viewing key metrics,

  • submitting policy exceptions and other GRC related requests,

  • completing IRM tasks and more!

Visualize and Address Risks

Simplify the way Users Interact with Compliance, Risk, and Audit with IRM Portal. This one-stop-shop solution for integrated risk management will take your IRM user experience to the next level! Learn more about the IRM Portal features or contact us for a demo today.

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