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New in Paris: Service Portal Updates & Fresh Features

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Our experts have compiled a list of notable improvements to Service Portal in the Paris Release of ServiceNow. Watch the video for a full rundown of each feature, presented by Alexa Guerra.

External User Self-Registration

00:34 in the video

This is a feature that our clients have requested in the past. With the Paris release of ServiceNow, external user self-registration is now available for Service Portal out of the box. Administrators can create custom forms that link that to specified portals with unique workflows. This feature allows unauthenticated users to submit a form.

View the ServiceNow documentation

Standard Ticket Page

03:34 in the video

The Paris Release of ServiceNow includes a much-needed facelift to the standard ticket page. Sporting a new user interface and a dynamic back end, service portal administrations will be thrilled to have more configuration options at their figure tips with Paris.

View the ServiceNow documentation

Delegated Request Experience

06:53 in the video

This new Paris feature allows end-users to request items and services on behalf of multiple users within a single request in Service Portal.

Things to note: The multi-user request experience is not available for a record producers or order guides. Also, if a two-step checkout is enabled, the delegated request experience is not supported.

View the ServiceNow documentation

Portal Analyzer

08:38 in the video

This new Paris feature provides a summary of all widgets that appear on Service Portal pages. This data can be used to better understand widget customizations, unique user visits, and page usage.

View the ServiceNow documentation

Two New Service Catalog Variable Types

10:14 in the video

1: Attachments

Easily add an Attachments button anywhere in a form. This gives administrators more control over where to place attachments within a form, without creating clunky custom variables.

View the ServiceNow documentation

2: Rich Text Label

A new addition to the visual toolbox, now there is a quick way to create styled text. The rich text editor enables the addition of images with forms, along with text that can be bolded, italicized, underlined, and much more.

View the ServiceNow documentation


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