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RIP CMS, a Eulogy From a Devoted Friend

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Something jogged my memory as I ordered coffee this morning…

and as I sat down in the cafe, I thought of you, CMS.

I built my first CMS portal in 2010. At that time there was no ESS template, there was no documentation, no blogs by experienced developers, and no community of fellow enthusiasts. In place of those, we had mystery. We were pioneers. We had sleepless nights of banging heads against the wall trying to figure out how things like Content Types and Page Detail Settings worked together. We had iframes buggier than week old pizza!

Despite that, CMS, I sing your praise. I cut my teeth on you. I hated you and loved you. Together we watched our portals go from awkward to awesome. We learned a lot about service management and user experience. Because of you, I found identity in my professional career.

You made something out of me.

CMS, you inspired me to dig deep into my own potential as a developer. You were with me at 3am in those enlightening moments when I discovered the current_page object and functions like GlideTransaction.get().isVirtual() and g:cms_menu_functions. You taught me to never take no for an answer, and to never give up in the face of a challenge.

CMS, remember when we spent hundreds of hours crafting single-page AngularJS based portals from scratch?

Remember the time we built Samuel Jackson Self-Service at the hackathon and hacked the heck out of the record producer form CSS? Remember feeling like hot stuff because we replaced all your native content blocks with mobile friendly bootstrap components? I do. I always will.

Now there’s a new kid in town, and all that stuff comes right out of the box. No longer will I get to tell clients their dream portal will take hundreds of hours to build.

We won’t get to spend time like that together anymore.

CMS, you’re fading from my life, just like that photo in Back to the Future. Though I still get glimpses of you, when I have a client who, for whatever reason, has not upgraded to Helsinki or beyond. In these moments I’m forced to dig up my old JellyScript notes and refresh myself on how to properly include a UI script in your layout file. Ah, the good old days!

But how long will that last? Eventually, the last client will upgrade and you’ll be gone from my life forever. That’s why I’m taking the time right now to say goodbye. CMS, I love you, and even though I’m having a wonderful time with Service Portal now, it doesn’t mean that one second of the last seven years is forgotten or devalued.

Rest in peace, CMS. You were awesome, and that’s how I’ll always remember you.

Your devoted friend, Jeff

p.s. Service Portal, if you’re reading this… don’t worry, I don’t think about CMS at all anymore. You’re my one true love. Here’s to our future together!

Some portal blasts from the CMS past:

Circa 2015

Circa 2010

Circa 2013

Fred Luddy admiring Samuel Jackson Self Service at FruDevCon13

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