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ServiceNow Audit Management Process and Demo

Audit Internal Controls to Reduce Risk

Organizations must develop robust internal controls to mitigate risk; auditing the effectiveness of those controls ensures there are no gaps in risk mitigation. Whether it is information risk, investment risk, or risk of fraud and misappropriation of assets; auditing internal controls can help prevent and detect irregularities and mistakes before they negatively impact the organization.

The ServiceNow Audit Management application automates and consolidates much of the audit process, providing users with guided workflows that reduce errors and eliminate menial tasks.

Audit Management on the ServiceNow platform enables organizations to prioritize, streamline and enhance their internal audits.

ServiceNow Audit Management helps to:

  1. Ingest Controls and all the related Policies, Issues, Tasks, and other related information

  2. Scope audits from existing data, select test plans and get sign off on audit plans

  3. Test controls using automated indicators and test templates

  4. Complete fieldwork using robust tasking to manage audit activities across teams

  5. Automate audit review and approval process

  6. Automatically generate a report detailing audit activities and outcomes

Watch the video above for a demo of the ServiceNow Audit Management application, presented by Matt Maes, Sr. Technical Consultant at Cerna (Cerna has become Thirdera).

Jump to a section in the video:

0:11 IRM Program Overview 
0:33 Audit Management Process 
1:15 Audit Workbench  
    1:27 Overdue Engagements 
    1:43 Drill into engagement 
        1:50 Edit Engagement Popup 
        2:10 Related Lists 
            2:15 Entities in Scope 
            2:28 Risks 
            2:40 Controls 
            2:48 Control Tests 
            3:04 Audit Tasks 
                3:13 Types of Tasks 
                3:04 Control test  
                    3:30 Control Test Lifecycle 
            4:52 Audit Issues 
4:57 Audit Engagement Record 
    5:00 Engagement Lifecycle 
    5:38 Audit Types 
    5:58 Engagement Schedule 
    6:27 Audit Results Tab 
    6:38 Audit Report Tab  
    6:58 Published Audit Report 

Need help with Audit Management?

No matter where you are on your maturity journey, Cerna has you covered when it comes to managing audits on the Now Platform. Recognized as a ServiceNow Elite partner, we are 100% US-based ServiceNow experts who specialize in ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management. Our approach to IRM has earned us a repeat customer rate of 90%, and a customer satisfaction score of 4.8/5. Learn more about our Integrated Risk experience or contact us at info@cernasolutions.com for more information.

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