• David Tessaro

Solving ServiceNow Data Challenges Episode 1: Achieve Data Transparency

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Adopting ServiceNow is a journey. As the Now Platform automates more and more service workflows across the business, data volumes can grow far beyond original expectations. Managing all that data is a journey, too: One that can become increasingly challenging as time goes on.

In episode one of the series Solving ServiceNow Data Challenges, Cerna Solutions and Perspectuim team up to discuss:

  • Making ServiceNow data available to your enterprise Business Intelligence tools.

  • Avoiding burden or dependency on your database administrators

  • What to do when you need to reduce ServiceNow table sizes but also must retain the data

Join our presenters--Josh Tessaro, Security & Risk Practice Manager at Cerna, and Michael Christiansen, Solution Consultant at Perspectium--to discuss use cases, likely challenges, and key business benefits when managing ServiceNow data effectively.


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Solving ServiceNow Data Challenges Episode 2: Securing ServiceNow Data Against the Unexpected

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