• David Tessaro

Solving ServiceNow Data Challenges Episode 2: Securing ServiceNow Data Against the Unexpected

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

As demand for workflow automation increases across the organization, data volumes can grow quickly–often much faster than anticipated. This data is valuable, which means securing that data is essential. However, all too often the data is taken for granted, and safeguards are overlooked until it is too late.

In the second episode of the series Solving ServiceNow Data Challenges, Cerna Solutions and Perspectium return to discuss:

  • The importance of regular backups to secure your service data

  • Tips and techniques for handling backups and archives

  • Why restoring data needs to be as simple as backing it up

Join our presenters - Josh Tessaro, Security & Risk Practice Manager at Cerna, and Michael Christiansen, Solution Consultant at Perspectium - to explore backup, restore, and archive use cases, along with a discussion about the importance of protecting your data from unexpected threats.


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