• David Tessaro

Solving ServiceNow Data Challenges Episode 3: Extending ServiceNow Workflows to Partners

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Service Management success is often impacted by data and processes that are siloed within individual departments and applications. To improve the operations, organizations can extend service workflows to include internal partners and external service providers. This enables all contributors to work more effectively, with the latest information at their fingertips and in their chosen system of record.

In the third episode of the series “Solving ServiceNow Data Challenges”, Cerna Solutions and Perspectium return to discuss:

  • Connecting ServiceNow platform with other internal applications

  • Working with external partners in a safe and protected manner

  • The real challenge of eBonding (connecting and synchronizing records in two distinct systems) with 3rd-party service providers

  • Best practices for internal & external collaboration on processes and systems

Join our presenters - Josh Tessaro, Security & Risk Practice Manager at Cerna, and Dave Wesley, Solution Consultant at Perspectium - to discuss how eBonding can fully automate your service workflows and improve your internal & external collaboration.

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