• David Tessaro

Webinar: Simplifying GRC with ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management

Updated: Nov 6

Watch our joint webinar with ServiceNow to see how ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (IRM) simplifies the Policy and Compliance, Risk, and Audit workflows for both IRM teams and business stakeholders.

ServiceNow’s Integrated Risk Management suite allows Governance, Risk, and Compliance professionals to quickly assess and prioritize objectives while simplifying communication between business units. Cerna Solutions will showcase how consolidating risk and compliance data into ServiceNow's IRM suite of applications streamlines GRC functions and encourages communication across the business.

Watch to learn more, including:

  • How ServiceNow gives your users direction in a centralized workflow

  • How ServiceNow improves the experience for employees and drives organizational buy-in

  • How to engage stakeholders with critical ServiceNow IRM features

  • How to level up the user experience with user-based views for integrated risk


  • An introduction to ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management

  • A conversation about IRM maturity

  • How to improve communication with stakeholders

  • Interesting things customers are doing

  • Extended learning

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