Product Release Update:
CapIO™ – Automated Testing Platform for ServiceNow® 2.3


We’re pleased to announce several new release updates across CapIO™, the leading automated testing platform for ServiceNow®. CapIO provides a suite of tools to standardize test automation for ServiceNow by providing a future-proof API with over 300 commands for building tests. Organizations use CapIO to standardize automated testing practices across their entire organization, yielding incredible value.

We’re excited to highlight recent product updates specific to the CapIO™ mini and CapIO™ Recorder, which are both components of CapIO. The CapIO Recorder contains functionality that captures user actions to allow tests to be created with less scripting, while the CapIO mini provides instant feedback on tests run from local desktops.


CapIO Recorder 2.3 and CapIO mini 2.3 release updates:

    • A brand new CapIO Recorder has been launched increasing commands from 25 to 90 recordable events in the new 2.3 release, now tripling what is recordable.
    • New functionality to the CapIO Recorder now provides the ability for a user to save cases.
    • A new graphical editing interface has been created within the CapIO Recorder to allow for easy editing with a “drag and drop” functionality to replace static code text strings. The graphical interface creates a more user-friendly way to quickly edit code, making development easier and reduces human errors.
    • Execution and reporting has now been streamlined in CapIO mini to make it easier to write and run test cases for the end user.
    • New Point-and-Click functionality – Simply click on the steps you’d like to capture, and the CapIO Recorder will record in real time.
    • CapIO mini can now fully support ServiceNow’s Kingston release.


Click the video below to see the CapIO Recorder in action:

Email us at to see a live demo

Visit the CapIO Product Page to learn more.






To view previous product release updates click here: CapIO Press Releases.

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