Stop asking the question "Why Wasn't This Caught During Testing?"


One of ServiceNow’s many strengths is its diverse and comprehensive set of enterprise applications. For this reason, more companies are finding themselves expanding their ServiceNow practice beyond IT to include other areas of their business such as HR, Finance, and Legal. However, the more complex a system becomes, the more difficult that system is to maintain, increasing the need for automated testing.

This raises an added challenge for developers who find that making a standard configuration change in one environment can have an unnoticed reaction to other features within the platform. The result can range from minor speedbumps to major outages; causing lost productivity for end users and added time for remediation. Many organizations budget for full-time resources exclusively devoted to manually testing developments made in their system, but often find that manual testing is time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors.


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It happens all too often. After a lengthy and well-planned implementation process, a new product, feature, or integration makes it all the way into production only to find that it isn’t working correctly. In some cases, it’s a minor glitch requiring an inconvenient workaround; in others, it’s a major blocking issue affecting the productivity of an entire organization. The question always asked in this scenario is “Why wasn’t this problem fixed during testing?”

Testing plays an important role in the accomplishment of any ServiceNow project. Although it is easily overlooked when a release is successful, it is the first to take the blame when something fails. Many companies using ServiceNow are still managing this process through manual testing despite its high cost and low efficiency. Testers require the foresight of what they need to be looking for and may not account for the countless unexpected changes that may result in a chain reaction to unseen areas within the system.


Automated Testing

CapIO takes the guess work and the leg work out of manual testing. By automating the testing process, your organization is able to make constant checks on various facets of your system that manual testing is likely to miss. This means exceptionally accurate testing in a fraction of the time.

Test recording

Many automated testing tools require each test to be programmed and scripted before any action can be taken. This often results in an extensive planning and set up period making it difficult for non-technical personnel to create or execute even the most basic testing functions. CapIO allows for users to perform a live test on the platform and creates a recorded test script to be used and automated for future checks. This makes automated testing more accessible to your organization and allows for more reliable and repeatable testing practices.

Better processes and procedures

With CapIO’s 300+ pre-built ServiceNow specific Command Scripts, your organization is instantly enabling a new level of best practices in testing and development. Most customers will find that the scripts included with CapIO are more than sufficient for all of their testing needs, while adding a command for a unique situation is easy, straightforward, and adds a new level of documentation within CapIO’s testing process.

End-to-end testing tool

CapIO improves testing throughout the development lifecycle, from Functional, Regression, and even UAT. Your business will be able to speed up the initial development process by reducing the amount of errors made, while investigating bugs and defects can easily be traced due to CapIO’s logging and documentation process. User Acceptance Testing is drastically improved as the risk of unseen defects drastically decrease.

Increased confidence, Better Results

Catch errors immediately throughout the development process as they occur anywhere in your system. Automatically log any and all changes that are made to pinpoint where the errors began. Run constant checks for both common and uncommon errors anywhere in your ServiceNow instance. Decrease time and spending while increasing confidence in new initiatives. Stop budgeting for fixing defects and start investing in innovating your business.

Test Beyond ServiceNow

With CapIO’s extensible platform, there is no limitation to using only ServiceNow commands. CapIO provides access to Selenium commands to build automated tests for virtually any web-based application.  CapIO provides all of the great benefits of the ServiceNow platform integrated with Centralization, Reporting and a better process.

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