CapIO™, by Cerna, provides a suite of tools with an interface built on ServiceNow® to standardize automated testing practices across your entire organization. Tests are performed separately using the CapIO Server to ensure they are run independently of the application being tested. This makes writing and executing automated tests easier to manage and allows integration of other testing tools to automate functional, performance, unit, and acceptance testing. CapIO also provides access to Selenium commands to build automated tests for virtually any web-based application.

  • CapIO Foundation

    Imagine a user-friendly automated testing platform, with one centralized system, application libraries housing over 400+ commands, and a proven methodology to help you open more doors on the ServiceNow Platform and beyond.

  • Application Libraries

    Save time with Application Libraries:

    • ServiceNow® Library with 400+ Commands
    • Business Driven Development (BDD)
    • Self-Documenting
    • Future-Proof Tests
    • Use Selenium to Develop Your Own Application Specific Libraries
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  • Centralized System

    Stay Organized with a Centralized System:

    • Single Code Repository
    • Centralized Dashboard
    • Requirements Traceability
    • Automated Reports & Documentation
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  • Approachable / Flexible

    Have Options using an Approachable Yet Flexible System:

    • Point and Click Recording
    • JavaScript Based
    • Extensible Platform
    • Flexible Integration Options
    • Scales With Testing Maturity
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  • Methodology (360° Testing™)

    Use a Structured Approach with our 360°Testing™ Methodology:

    • End-to-End Testing Strategy
    • Unit, System, Acceptance & Performance Testing Strategies
    • State-Based Test Development
    • DevOps Lifecycle Integration
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  • services

    Optimize Time to Value with our Services:

    • Testing Best Practices Training
    • SDLC Lifecycle Integration
    • Testing Strategy
    • Test Writing
    • Continuous Testing
    • Implemention of Methodology and Technology
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CapIO uses a standard API which is maintained by Cerna, to protect scripts from future failures caused by changes to the ServiceNow application. This drastically reduces the amount of time and money required to develop and maintain back-end code, as well as offers confidence in new updates and releases of your applications.

  • Features &

    Test your enterprise applications more thoroughly and reliably than ever before by detecting errors immediately throughout the development process.

  • CapIO

    Learn more about how the core components that comprise CapIO fit together to form one core component of continuous delivery.

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    Cerna Solutions never stops innovating! Check out our latest CapIO-specific product updates, press releases, videos, blogs, and more!


    View our featured product videos and webinars to learn more about how CapIO enables continuous delivery with better quality.

Adding Cerna’s CapIO automated testing solution to our Agile methodology has enabled Vology to onboard new clients and launch new capabilities much more rapidly, and with reduced risk.

—John Dionne, VP of Technology at Vology VIEW CASE STUDY
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