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Application Libraries

Save Time
by utilizing CapIO™’s extensive ServiceNow application libraries, housed with over 400+ commands, and self-documenting capabilities to enable continuous development.

On average, utilizing CapIO™ can take (1) week’s worth of testing efforts and reduce it down to 45 minutes of automation. The earlier the defects are caught; the more time and money can be saved from resolving the defect. In addition, resources that were testing prior, can now become available.

ServiceNow® Library With 400+ Commands

CapIO comes with more than 400+ ServiceNow Testing commands that covers the ServiceNow interface and are ready to help you quickly get started. This library is broken down by category including the following: Form, List, Field, Navigation, Service Catalog, Service Portal, and others to make it easy to navigate.

Business Driven Development (BDD)

When the syntax used to write a test are expressed in a business level language, the commands are at a higher-level and they describe the actions that the user would take to accomplish that goal. BDD explains the test in terms of how the feature relates to the business. It serves as an alternative way of describing how the requirements and development should be performed. With CapIO, BDD and self-documenting refer to the syntax, the style of the API and how you write the test.


When you write a test using only business level commands, the code itself explains the action of the test case. For example, “expandApplication” needs no translation or further explanation. Ultimately, it’s the style of code that is applicable to anything.

Future-Proof Tests

CapIO future proofs any tests that are built within Cerna’s standard API. Whether you’re in Geneva, London, Zurich, or beyond, Cerna will ensure the APIs will work, despite the version of ServiceNow you’re running. Cerna completely and independently verifies each browser. CapIO makes it easy to toggle between versions so you can test confidently.

Use Selenium to Develop Your Own Application Specific Libraries

CapIO provides access to Selenium commands to build automated tests for virtually any web-based application. Contact Us Today to learn more about how you can use CapIO beyond ServiceNow!

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