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Approachable Yet Flexible

Increase Options using CapIO’s approachable yet flexible functionality. With CapIO you can now test beyond the ServiceNow platform with no limitation to using only ServiceNow commands. Due to the flexibility of CapIO, there is no roadblock into what system you can integrate with. The options to innovate are endless! As a user-friendly system, even those without a background in coding can create test cases using CapIO. Read more to learn about the approachable yet flexible options that CapIO has to offer, including flexible integration options and more.

Point and Click Recording (CapIO Recorder™)

The Point and Click recording feature (also referred to as the CapIO Recorder™) was built specifically as an introduction to test writing for those who may not be as technologically advanced. This easy to use browser extension captures test steps and easily turns them into test cases.

To see a video on this specifically, click here: CapIO Recorder Video

JavaScript Based

CapIO is JavaScript based making it easy for ServiceNow administrators and developers. No extensive training or outside resources are required.

Extensible Platform

CapIO’s Extensible Platform is not limited to ServiceNow commands. The system can access Selenium commands, as well as add new types of commands as needed. The extensible platform furthermore allows you to send emails, load certificates, or run desktop applications. Customers can additionally extend the framework as needed to add additional commands specific to their business needs.

Flexible Integration Options

CapIO’s Flexible Integration Options allows the system to conform or customize to your process through Triggers (input, the way you choose to start a test) or Notifiers (output, the way the results are reported back). CapIO can also integrate with systems beyond the ServiceNow platform. Examples of this can include Jenkins, JIRA, Rally, and others.

Scales With Your Testing Maturity

CapIO scales with your developing testing strategies, as it pertains to the levels, testing types and enhancements. Whether it is enforcing best practices, or if you’re already hooked into the automation process, you can add an additional level of checks on the story or input form to enforce that tests are written, executing, or passing. CapIO has the ability to add an extra level of the process and can adapt easily to your process.

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