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CapIO Core Components


Learn more about the four core components of CapIO and how they fit together to form one core component of continuous delivery.

CapIO Application
Central repository for tests, code, & reporting dashboards
     CapIO Recorder
Captures user actions to allow tests to be created with less scripting
CapIO mini
Instant feedback on tests run from local desktop
     CapIO Server
Tests independently of application or as a grid

CapIO™ Application

The central place where users interact with CapIO and where test scripts, reports and dashboards are stored.

CapIO™ Recorder

The CapIO Recorder captures user actions to allow tests to be created with less scripting. This point and click recording feature was built specifically for non-coders, or those that prefer not to code.

To see a video on the CapIO Recorder in Action, Click here: CapIO Recorder Video.

CapIO™ mini

CapIO mini provides instant feedback on tests run from a local desktop. This standalone desktop application was built for the purpose of executing a single test case. It expedites the test writing process with the ability to test live while providing results and screenshots.

CapIO™ Server

Tests are performed separately using the CapIO Server to ensure that they are run independently of the application being tested.

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