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CapIO Core Features & Capabilities

CapIO’s core features and capabilities allow you to test your enterprise applications more thoroughly and reliably than ever before. Detect errors immediately throughout the development process anywhere in your ServiceNow instance, and take control of your testing across of your enterprise applications with one centralized solution.

Features Capabilities
Multi-Browser Functionality Be confident that your development will work perfectly across all major browsers used within your organization.
Future Proof Compatibility Create tests without the fear of failures caused by future updates and changes.
Screenshots & Reporting Document the history of test executions and see detailed reports of successes and failures for each test.
Action Recorder Create new tests easily by recording user actions without the need for writing additional code with the CapIO Recorder™.
CapIO mini: Testing On-Demand Run single tests locally through the CapIO mini desktop application.
System Compare Allow users to compare records between two instances.
Unattended Automation Run a suite of tests from end-to-end without the need to monitor or kick-off the next test in the sequence.
Triggers Run tests automatically at any given time or frequency without the need for manual execution.
Notifiers Automatically notify stakeholders upon completion. Notifications can be sent to individuals or in groups.
Complete Testing for ServiceNow Test forms, lists, service catalog, knowledge base, CMS, Service Portal, notifications, reporting, and much more.
Test Beyond ServiceNow Use ServiceNow to take control of automating tests for the enterprise applications your business depends on.
Comprehensive Dashboard Overview of all test results in one single interface to see what is pending, passed or failed.
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