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Centralized System

Stay Organized with CapIO’s centralized system. CapIO helps you stay organized by eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets across your team, offering centralized dashboards that provide increased visibility, trace requirements from start to finish, easy to run reporting of complex data, and access to documentation in no time.

Single Code Repository

CapIO’s single code repository provides one application for all scripts, configurations and test results. This repository is conveniently organized into Plans, Suites, Cases and Validations. It enforces a single process for your organization and eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets.

Centralized Dashboard

CapIO’s centralized dashboard provides a drilled down view of each case, with the option for additional details. In addition, screenshots allow you to view the stats, results, suite, case and validations at a glance.

Requirements Traceability

From start to finish, this provides the ability to trace the requirement from definition to the test execution. It has the capability to track backwards from a result to identify the test case, and therefore track a story that has the requirement. From the story level, we can then trace forward and identify all test cases enabled for that specific story and the results of each individual case.

Automated Reports & Documentation

Results visualizers contain a color-coded log view to point out any errors with a corresponding record and line. At a high-level, this makes reporting easier and provides access to a level of information and documentation that would be extremely difficult to compile prior to utilizing CapIO.

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