Okta® Workflow Automation for ServiceNow®

Cloud-based authentication and SSO services are key to eliminating tedious manual user creation, provisioning, and access revocation. ServiceNow users have out-of-the-box access to the Single Sign On (SSO) features of one of the strongest identity management solutions currently available, allowing them to use Okta to manually create new users, manage their access to a wide range of systems and applications, and deprovision them at the end of the user life-cycle.

Businesses that have invested in the full Okta package gain access to the impressive functionality of an immensely powerful tool that can streamline authentication administration, leveraging Active Directory groups to make user access actions faster, more reliable, and increasingly secure. However, without an integrated solution that allows two-way communication between ServiceNow and Okta, subscribers would not be able to automate actions and reliably log each step of any change to accounts within ServiceNow’s system.

The Problem


Manual processes increase the likelihood of errors, create a less efficient workflow, and leave users without reliable documentation when deprovisioning employees. This decreases accountability and makes security compliance audit requests a large source of stress. When tickets are assigned in ServiceNow, organizations may rely on multiple tools to record requests and their completion, creating the opportunity for miscommunication and human error.


Without an integrated workflow between Okta and ServiceNow, a great deal of time is required to review logs to ensure all actions have been completed properly. This is time that could be better spent on more productive and less redundant tasks.


Maintaining records and verifying accuracy becomes increasingly more difficult with the addition of every manual step. With the growing number of regulations for both large and small organizations, errors from manual processes can lead to unnecessary costs and penalties.



HybrID automates workflows, logs Okta actions within ServiceNow automatically, and makes compliance reporting accurate and simple. Users will no longer be required to navigate multiple systems to create new user accounts, respond to access requests, and deprovision users.


HybrID offers a toolset that eliminates tedious and repetitive actons and automates access using ServiceNow. Onboarding becomes a single action to create user accounts, approve access, and assign necessary equipment. HybrID eliminates security risks by automating the deprovisioning process safely and correctly.


HybrID’s single interface guarantees that actions are accurately and reliably recorded with ServiceNow’s
comprehensive database. Increase ease of access, efficiency, accuracy, while reducing the chances of audit issues with
HybrID bridging the communication gap between Okta and ServiceNow.


Authoritive Sources

The benefits to the automation of this workflow are clear: fewer errors, fewer deviations from standard procedures, and reliable, timely execution. Eliminating requests made outside the ServiceNow system minimizes the opportunity for costly mistakes or potential compliance violations to be made. User accounts are created accurately, completely, and consistently, giving your organization peace of mind to invest time in more productive and innovative endeavors.


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