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IRM Portal

IRM Portal

Mature Integrated Risk Management (IRM) programs require business stakeholders to participate in various work activities (e.g. Attestations, Assessments, Approvals, etc.). Navigating these different tasks can be cumbersome, taking business leaders all over the platform. 

The Cerna IRM Portal simplifies workflows for business stakeholder interactions with Policy & Compliance, Risk, Audit, and Vendor Risk in ServiceNow. Relevant information is presented easily to users without the need to navigate through the native UI. 

Complex data is consolidated contextually and relational data is shown visually. Users have seamless access to common activities such as: looking up approved vendors, viewing key metrics, submitting policy exceptions and other GRC related requests, and completing IRM tasks. This one-stop-shop will take your IRM user experience to the next level.

A consolidated view of enterprise risk and compliance data

  • Find actionable tasks quickly using the My Tasks and Issues widget and page. View your tasks and issues pending your completion.

  • View approvals with the custom Awaiting Input widget; including a list of approvals pending your review

  • Quickly access your relevant reports and metrics in the portal

  • Navigate complex relationships using the IRM Data Explorer, which integrates Policy, Compliance, and Risk tables into a dynamic node-based view to allow easy exploration of related records.

  • Browse your available vendors using VendorFind. If a vendor is not found, the “Create New Vendor” button can be configured to take users directly to a vendor request form.

  • Easily review attestations assigned to you.

  • View and submit requests from your companies IRM request catalog.

  • Browse company policies that have been published to your policy knowledge base.

Key Features

Simplify the way users interact with compliance, risk, and audit with IRM Portal

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