No longer is a password reset tool merely good enough, companies must ensure users have access to the correct corporate systems appropriate to such individual’s role within the organization.  The growing requirements demand a full Identity and Access Management solution.  Unfortunately, legacy solutions in this space are cumbersome, difficult to implement and not always intuitive to the end user, thereby reducing natural adoption. In order to meet the demands set forth, Okta has developed a platform for Identity and Access Management which is considered by Gartner to be a leader in this space.  In fact, according to Gartner’s ‘2015 Magic Quadrant for Identity and Access Management as a Service’ they are the only leader in this space.


Businesses everywhere are pursuing enterprise-wide deployments of business critical, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications such as, WebEx, or NetSuite. And they still have to manage all of their on-premise apps and infrastructure. Add to this the changing mobile landscape, and the job of the CIO is changing quickly.

On-demand applications enable companies to rapidly deploy powerful capabilities to users at very low costs, and mobile devices enable them to access these apps anytime. But these new technologies also introduce a new set of challenges.


Every SaaS application has different password requirements. So, multiply the variety of requirements by the reset timing variations and the result is “password fatigue” from managing these constantly changing passwords across applications. This increases security risks as users resort to using obvious passwords, or writing them on Post-It notes or in spreadsheets.


Each cloud application has a unique administration model and management of the application is typically shared between IT and the business. IT needs one way to perform user and access management across applications, while still giving the business the control of the application they need.


SaaS applications have independent user stories that are not integrated with on-premise directories. As a result, users have to remember more passwords, and IT has to manage multiple accounts and map users between their directories and cloud applications. IT needs a single integration with their on-premise directory that federates across all of their cloud applications.


To ensure the best ROI for the business, IT must understand actual SaaS usage and how it compares to what the business is currently paying for. In addition, with increasing regulatory pressure, IT must constantly monitor and control which users have access to which SaaS applications.




Okta is an enterprise grade identity management service delivered with an unwavering focus on customer success. With Okta you can securely and efficiently manage access to all of your applications, for all of your people, and from all of their devices. Okta makes your identity problems their problems, and solves them.

End-Users: One Destination, All Applications

Once activated, each end-user receives a customized homepage providing single sign-on and self-services across applications, and credentials. The homepage can be accessed from any browser or device, and the entire homepage is easily integrated into a custom portal.

IT: Control Across People and Applications

Okta provides one service from which you can manage people, applications, and policies across all of your cloud and web applications. An administrative dashboard contains a summary of key usage and activity statistics, notifications of any problems or outstanding work to be completed, as well as shortcuts to the most commonly performed tasks.

A central directory provides a view of your team as well as the identities they are mapped to in all of their web applications. Adding applications is as simple as selecting a pre-integrated application from the Okta Application Network. Each application has its own administrative homepage, which provides a summary of the current integration settings across single sign-on and user management, as well as a view to recent log activity and the current people who have this application assigned to them.

Executives: Maximize ROI ad Minimize Risk

Centralized logging captures a comprehensive set of events across Okta and the integrated applications. Okta also includes a full reporting experience, no separate BI solution needed.

The pre-canned reports include things such as User Activation, User Activity, User Access, Application Usage, User Provisioning, and De-Provisioning. Reports can be scheduled for distribution and data is easily exported.

Okta also offers an end-to-end de-provisioning workflow that informs an administrator when a user has been deactivated, indicates which applications they have automatically been deactivated from, and helps the administrator finalize any manual user account deactivation required. All of the deactivation activity is tracked in a central audit log for compliance purposes.

Cerna Solutions is focused in the IT Operations and Security arena. While ServiceNow is a market leader in the ITSM space and Okta in the Identity Management as a Service, our expertise in both solution sets, coupled with our HybrID solution to combine the power of both sets us apart from other organizations and makes us an ideal partner for all your Okta and ServiceNow initiatives.

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