Integrated Risk Management

Respond to business risks in real time

Transform inefficient processes by combining security, IT, and risk capabilities into an integrated risk program built on the Now Platform. Continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation ensure rapid identification and response to risks.

Handle Risks with Confidence

Distributed compliance mgmt
Distributed compliance mgmt
Out of date risks
Out of date risks
Audits require full focus
Audits require full focus

Distributed Compliance Management

Each department or manager is tracking compliance for their responsibilities independently, potentially resulting in different methods of measuring the same control or even different results for the same measurement across the org. Different policies or frameworks may be reported up to different governing bodies in the company.

The Cerna Solution

Our consulting practice focuses on perfecting the following.

Drive Compliance Transparency

Combine automated control testing with traditional attestations to drive continuous compliance monitoring across your control frameworks and corporate policies.

Manage the life cycle of corporate policies.

Streamline Audits

Trigger and perform audits by framework or organizational components.

Eliminate redundant work for control owners.

Automate control measurement to reduce manual work.

Control Risks

Identify, prioritize, track, and respond to risks across the organization in real-time.

Continuous indicators drive real-time risk detection and monitoring.

Connect to Vulnerability Response to gain visibility into Risks derived from IT vulnerabilities

Simplify Management

Everything in one place

Simple, accessible reporting

Restricted, separate access/security

Phased Approach

Our white-glove approach focuses on identifying and remedying key issues.

Requirements Gathering

Demo Business Applications, collect requirements and deliver stories for acceptance

Iterative Development

Configure Business Applications as per best practice and customer requirements, continually show progress back to customer and collect new requirements

Testing & UAT Support

Support customer Acceptance Testers feedback and make configuration adjustments as appropriate

Go-Live & Hyper Care

Promote code to production and provide Hyper-Care

Client Success

See how companies like yours use Integrated Risk to increase transparency and compliance.

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Policy and Compliance Management

Automate and manage policy life cycles and continuously monitor for compliance.

Security Alarm

Risk Management

Enable fine-grained business impact analysis to appropriately prioritize and respond to risks.


Audit Management

Use risk data to scope and prioritize audit plans and automate cross-functional processes.

Security Point

Vendor Risk Management

Continuously monitor, detect, asses, mitigate, and remediate risks in vendor ecosystems.

Organized Files

Performance Analytics

Created real-time dashboards and reports to detect failing critical controls.

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What is your Risk Maturity?

Our team of experts developed a maturity model that integrates risk, compliance, governance, and audit into one Integrated Risk Management (IRM) model across the dimensions of People, Process, and Technology.

Gain valuable insights into the next steps of the ServiceNow maturity journey by evaluating the current state of your organization's Risk Management, Vendor Risk Management, Policy & Compliance, and Audit maturity.