ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)

A security orchestration, automation, and response engine

ServiceNow's Security Operations (SecOps) application is a security work management engine leveraging orchestration, automation, and cross tool data enrichment to improve security response capabilities. Connect to existing security tools to aggregate vulnerabilities and incidents in one place, enabling prioritization and response according to the potential business impact.

Make security response easier

Respond faster
Respond faster
Work smarter
Work smarter
Increase visibility
Increase visibility

Respond faster

Scattered management of security vulnerabilities and incidents across multiple tools or even spreadsheets lead to a lack of accessible data. Security analysts start from scratch when investigating every issue, delaying response time and increasing manual work.

Work smarter

Security teams have more work than resources and without a good way to centralize the prioritization and management of work, critical issues get lost amongst other issues and responsibilities. Additionally, many serious issues are stored without the ancillary data necessary to correctly prioritize work and require additional investigation later to resolve.

Centralize data

ServiceNow centralizes security vulnerabilities and incidents, adding enrichment data, allowing the automated and accurate prioritization of issues across the enterprise. ServiceNow also brings all security operations data from different sources together, increasing visibility, improving prioritization, centralizing work, and simplifying tracking.

Increase visibility

Organizations rely on multiple tools to monitor and respond to security concerns across the environment. The use of disparate tools results in an excess of information in varying formats, making it difficult to get a centralized view of security operations across the enterprise.

Leaders in Security Operations

Our consulting practice focuses on perfecting the following facets of Security.

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Security Operations

Suite in ServiceNow

Consolidate your security operation into a single automated system

Standardize processes with a consistent workflow

Identify and collect metrics easily and dependably

Map critical applications and services to understand their impact on the rest of your operation

Assign and prioritize work consistently across all security issue sources

Vulnerability Response

Manage vulnerability, investigations, and align remediation activities

Integrate with the National Vulnerability Database and market-leading vulnerability solutions

Seamless communication with Incident Response tasks, change request and problem management

Utilize logical groupings of Vulnerabilities to reduce the number of items requiring work

Automate the Vulnerability exception process for increased efficiency and consistency.

Security Incident Response

Test, execute and audit security response plans

Integrate Event Management with 3rd party threat detection systems

Leverage NIST or SANS standards for security incidents

Handle network and non-network related incidents

Provide request automation between IT, end users, and security teams

Phased Approach

Our white-glove approach focuses on identifying and remedying key issues.

Requirements Gathering

Demo Security Incident Response, collect requirements and deliver stories for acceptance

Iterative Development

Configure Security Incident Response as per best practice and customer requirements, continually show progress back to customer and collect new requirements

Testing & UAT Support

Support customer Acceptance Testers feedback and make configuration adjustments as appropriate

Go-Live & Hyper Care

Promote code to production and provide Hyper-Care

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Upgrade your Security

Our team of 100% US-based ServiceNow experts developed a pre-built Security Incident Response implementation strategy to meet the needs of organizations that wish to accelerate their digital transformation journey!

To learn more, download our Security Incident Response Prescriptive Offering or contact us.