Employee engagement is more important to the overall success of your business than ever before. With Service Portal by ServiceNow, organizations are able to connect resources and services with the needs of their employees faster, easier, and more reliably. Building an effective portal can be a challenge. The out-of-box templates offered by ServiceNow are a good start, but they don’t guarantee the user experience, cultural fit, or fulfillment of service management goals that many companies are looking for.

Cerna’s Service Portal Engagement is a full-service experience which allows the platform administrator to confidently and efficiently implement a custom-fit solution that will truly transform service management in your organization.

Learn More About Service Portal

What Is Service Portal?

Service Portal is ServiceNow’s latest solution for creating a professional and robust employee interface. It’s designed as a straightforward and intuitive experience for all users and a modern alternative to CMS. When every department within your organization has its own set of content management systems, individual employees begin feeling siloed into their own teams and overall engagement decreases. It also becomes difficult to keep track of where to go to complete simple tasks such as submitting PTO requests, ordering new office supplies, or reporting computer problems.

Benefits to Your Organization

Initial Assessment Workshop

This complimentary workshop is designed to give you an accelerated start to your project and prepares you to think comprehensively and strategically about everything you’re looking for in a solution. This step culminates in an accurate Statement of Work in which you can be confident.

Wireframe & Stories

Once the engagement officially begins and Cerna is contracted to design and build your portal, we pick up where we left off with the wireframes. We iterate on the wireframe as many times as needed to understand the full end-to-end user experience and aggregate all essential functional requirements.

Graphic Style

After the wireframe and stories are complete we turn the attention to your portal’s style. Style includes all elements that the wireframe is lacking:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Sizes
  • Exact Language
  • Imagery/Icons
Blueprint Sign-Off

Completing a wireframe, the functional stories, and a graphic style guide provides us with a comprehensive blueprint for the portal. We invest as much time as needed in this stage to ensure total satisfaction before development begins. All parties sign off on the blueprint package when there is a consensus that all documented requirements are achievable within the context of the Statement of Work.


Since we begin development with a comprehensive and approved blueprint, we can use a waterfall/agile hybrid approach. It’s waterfall in the sense that there is only one development sprint, at the end of which testing occurs. It’s agile in the sense that we do story-based dev and testing, with the agility to reasonably modify requirements along the way as necessary.


The development team conducts their own testing throughout the dev cycle. Upon completion, all stories are turned over to QA testers for official pre-deployment testing. Defects are promptly fixed, and enhancements are scheduled for a subsequent release.


The dev team supports deployment by migrating all code and updates. Upon successful deployment, the dev team documents all configuration points and customizations.

Post-Implementation Support

Post-implementation involves warranty defect resolution and the scheduling of enhancements.

Service Portal Expertise

At Cerna, we have an extensive 8-step process dedicated to building a Service Portal that meets your organization’s unique needs. With our over 7 years of experience building custom employee portals, you can trust we’ll deliver a stable, manageable, and easy-to-use interface that fits seamlessly with the day-to-day functions of your business.

Cerna Solutions works diligently to determine the best custom-fit for your organization. Our process begins with a complimentary initial assessment geared towards fully understanding your needs. During this workshop, your initial assessment questionnaire will allow us to efficiently articulate your portal requirements into a comprehensive wireframe.