A well designed and smartly built Service Portal lowers the cost of service management, thereby increasing productivity, and building customer confidence in your ability to support them.




Cerna provides comprehensive Service Portal design and development services. Whether you’re upgrading from CMS or starting from scratch, our Service Portal consultants are masters at delivering custom portals tailored to your unique needs.


Our team designs and builds advanced user experience solutions that go beyond industry standards to deliver the perfect front-end for any custom application. Whether you’re managing purchase requests or distribution lists, Cerna can significantly increase the value of an existing app or build it for you from scratch.


Comprehensive deep dive into the culture, needs, and habits of your users so that we can design highly adoptable and effective front-end experiences that support all your service management objectives. Our workshops include content strategy, user persona studies, UX focus groups, wire-framing, and high-def graphic design.


Learn how to to build great front-end solutions for your ServiceNow apps through hands-on training with one of our portal experts. We can do remote one-on-one, onsite classrooms, or whatever it takes to equip your developers with the advanced skills they need to build awesome service portals.

Why Cerna

Premier ServiceNow Portal Experience
  • Designing and building ServiceNow portals and custom applications since 2010
  • Recognized as an industry thought leader in the ServiceNow portal space
    • Featured in multiple Ask the Expert livestreams
    • Multiple Knowledge conference breakout sessions
    • Popular blog sharing tips and strategies for building better ServiceNow user experiences: portaguru.cernasolutions.com
Proven Path to Adoption
  • Full service guidance through all phases of the project
  • Utilize modern design strategies to ensure relevant and adoptable solutions
  • Our well-refined agile discipline creates well run projects and intelligent solutions
  • We take the time to get to know you, so we can give you what you need
Top Shelf Solutions
  • Flexible portal solutions that scale as you grow
  • We build it right to ensure you get the most out of the Service Portal plugin
  • Modern, beautiful designs
  • User focused solutions that are simple to use
  • Creative and innovative features that significantly improve user experience

Service Portal Benefits

Enhance the face of your service desk for the rest of the organization.

Increase customer’s confidence in your ability to support them.

Deflect incidents through self resolution.

Monitor portal Usage to better understand user behavior

Maintain your portal through simple configuration. No code needed!

Reduce phone calls and emails to your service desk.

Increase the overall productivity of all users and support staff.

Unify organizational support through a common interface

Impress stakeholders with modern, effective solutions.

Satisfy frustrated users with simplified tools.

Empower your users to help themselves.

Get users back to work faster

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