Whether it be process or technical consulting across a wide range of IT solutions, Cerna has skilled consultants willing and able to contribute towards your success with our industry leading solutions and services.

ServiceNow Consulting

ServiceNow’s cloud-based solutions power the service-centered enterprise. Their advanced automation and process workflow capabilities provide a single platform for managing service relationships not only within IT, but also across the enterprise. With ServiceNow, IT can optimize their service model and evolve it to transform all enterprise service disciplines into highly proficient service providers.

Virtual Admin Program

ServiceNow administration affects more than your IT department; it affects your entire business. Many companies are unable to devote full-time resources to managing ServiceNow, but still want to take advantage of the benefit that the platform offers. Others notice a growing backlog of ServiceNow requests but are unable to increase the resources required to fulfill them. This results in negative productivity across the organization and limits the business's overall ability to expand and innovate ServiceNow to its full potential.

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) for ServiceNow

Manage your controls, run real-time audits, and remediate any issues that arise during testing. We can help your business work faster while improving compliance with workflow and business process automation.

Security Operations Management (SOM) for ServiceNow

The Security Operations Management (SOM) suite in ServiceNow is a powerful set of tools to help manage vulnerabilities and security incidents. Whether you are looking to interface with the National Vulnerability Database or import data from your scanning tools, we can help integrate this data into meaningful and actionable tasks.

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