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Customize Smarter

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Cerna will help you plan for a long-term  ServiceNow strategy and give you the tools necessary to build smarter and more stable customizations.

Decrease preparation time and reduce remediation efforts needed for each upgrade to release new functionality more quickly.

Expand ServiceNow's capabilities across your entire organization, and get the highest return on investment from the top cloud solution for business.

The ServiceNow Customization Cliff

The ease and versatility of customizing ServiceNow is what makes it the perfect service management solution for many areas of your business. However, each additional customization requires more maintenance and planning for ServiceNow customers.

Cerna Solutions works with you to analyze the health of your ServiceNow instance and determine whether a remediation plan is required to get you back on track. We also help to establish a process for governance going forward that will allow you to easily maintain the customizations that you have, as well as any new customizations that are built going forward.

Back-to-the-Box Consulting

Health-Check & Remediation Plan
  • Review reports that document any changes and customizations in your instance
  • See a breakdown of best practices, as well as pinpoint problem areas in your instance
  • Work with Cerna to build an actionable plan that guides you back to where you would like to be
  • Develop a forward-thinking strategy of how to best grow your ServiceNow usage as you innovate your business
Governance Best Practices
  • Work with Cerna to develop a governance practice around ServiceNow customizations
  • Learn how to build the right team to manage a back-to-the-box project
  • Create key strategies for how to initiate going back-to-the-box
  • Establish a functional roadmap for long-term success
The Right Plan for Your Needs
  • Going back-to-the-box is one of many options. Other solutions may be easier or a better fit for your needs
  • Utilize increased visibility and Cerna’s ServiceNow expertise to understand the best path forward
  • Identify long term goals for how you use ServiceNow and create a strategy for growth and stability

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