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Why ServiceNow Best Practices Matter

Low participation is a key indicator that ServiceNow best practices may be an issue for your organization. A lack of buy-in from your team may be caused by improper configurations that have dramatically slowed down the platform or caused it to become unstable and prone to errors. This can increase costs and decrease productivity across the organization as many employees revert to using spreadsheets, emails, and other manual methods.

Cerna Solutions’ Best Practice Checker helps to increase buy-in from your team by ensuring that your ServiceNow instance is fast, efficient, and stable. Users are able to receive reports that pinpoint potential problem areas, suggested fixes, and detailed explanations for detected failures. These reports can be accessed as often as needed, allowing users to get the most out of their ServiceNow platform.

Introducing Best Practice Checker

Detailed Reporting

Find problem areas in your ServiceNow instance before they become critical. Gain access to valuable information regarding what areas of your ServiceNow are working, and which require attention. Immediately locate detailed explanations of failures, suggested fixes, and links to where to learn more about the subject.

In-Depth Visibility

Best Practice Checker Includes:

  • Comprehensive ServiceNow® Best Practice Database
  • No Installation or External Software Required
  • Pinpoint Problem Areas Quickly and Reliably
  • View Suggested Fixes
  • Detailed Information on Recorded Failures
Run Reports

Cerna Solutions’ Best Practice Checker comes standard on Cerna Solutions projects. Customers are able to access Best Practice Checker without having to install external software.

If you are not a customer, but would like to see what the Best Practice Checker can do for your company, contact us for details on receiving a FREE report.

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