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The Importance of Quality Documentation

Maintaining ServiceNow is a team effort. With so many updates, changes, and enhancements being made to the platform, it can be difficult to know exactly what’s changed and what hasn’t. Documentation is an important component in effectively managing ServiceNow, but manually collected information can be time-consuming and severely incomplete.

CernaDoc by Cerna Solutions quickly and reliably compiles the key information needed to manage and understand the status of your ServiceNow instance. This allows managers to make accurately informed decisions, provides up-to-date details on mission-critical metrics, and is an invaluable tool in creating a detailed disaster recovery plan as needed.

Introducing CernaDoc

Detailed Reporting

CernaDoc offers detailed and reliable documentation of changes made to your ServiceNow instance, and also comes as a standard offering at the beginning and end of each project by Cerna Solutions. This allows our team to create an accurate representation of your environment before any work is started, as well as provide a valuable synopsis of the current state of your instance when the work is completed.

In-Depth Visibility

CernaDoc provides comprehensive reporting on:

 System Properties
 Catalog Items (and Variables)
 Tables and Fields
 Script Includes
 Business Rules
 Client Scripts
 Catalog Client Scripts
 UI Policies
 Data Policies
 UI Actions
 UI Pages
 REST Messages
 SOAP Messages
 Scripted Web Services
 Scripted REST APIs
 Scheduled Script Executions
 Scheduled Summary Generations
 Scheduled Reports
 Scheduled Data
 Imports Data
 Sources Fix Scripts
Better Decision Making

Better documentation puts managers and developers back on the same page, and allows them each to do their jobs efficiently. This saves time by limiting the effort required gathering internal information, and decreasing errors or omissions made by manual documentation processes.  More importantly, it delivers exhaustive insight into the areas of ServiceNow that you need most.

Ideal For

 Disaster Recovery
 Document Compliance
 Upgrade Preparedness
 Knowledge Transfer

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