Has your organization ensured governance risk and compliance? Unfortunately, this question is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to answer with confidence. Organizations are faced with more regulatory and industry requirements than ever before. Non-compliant organizations regularly make national news with stories of data breaches, leaks, and stolen customer information. In many of these cases, processes and technology that were reliable in the past are no longer able to keep up with the growing threats facing these organizations.

This is why so many businesses are beginning to turn to ServiceNow for managing their Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) needs. The same technology used to revolutionize service management is equally effective in automating processes and workflows to keep your organization in line with the growing restrictions and regulations meant to keep organizations and its customers safe from growing threats.

How Cerna Solutions Can Help

Cerna’s Governance, Risk and Compliance application built on ServiceNow will allow you to manage your controls, run real time audits, and remediate any issues that arise during testing. We can help your organization design your workflows and business processes with our proven experience in this field.

  • Automate control testing
  • Help with Question based assessments
  • Experts in numerous Authoritative Sources such as NIST, FedRAMP, ISO, HIPPA, SOX, PCI and others
  • Audit ready at any time
  • Real-time reporting to regain confidence in business compliance

How Cerna is Different

Cerna Solutions can help your organization implement Governance, Risk, and Compliance to help you manage your risk, implement your controls and processes, and generate audit-ready reporting.

  • Specialize on control test writing
  • GRC process knowledge within ServiceNow and other industry applications
  • Integrations completed with 3rd party vulnerability scanners, email triggers, etc.
  • Policy writing experience
  • Proven auditing experience in real-world scenarios
  • ITIL certifications
  • Cost effective
  • Extensive ITSM experience
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