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The greatest struggle for security operations management is maintaining and analyzing the overwhelming noise coming from various security tools. Very often, multiple tools are required to monitor vital information needed to maintain security elements such as detection, visibility, and enforcement. These tools create events, alerts, and other data that may either require immediate action or only light observation. That data is then often communicated through spreadsheets, emails, and even sticky notes, resulting in increased security risks to the organizations.

Cerna’s Security Operations Management specialists help your organization from gathering your requirements through implementation of ServiceNow’s Security Operations suite. With our unique experience in security and ServiceNow expertise, managers can transform the noise into trackable data and follow up with actionable responses. Integrate Security Operations with leading vulnerability scanners and take control of your data security.

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Most organizations rely on several separate tools for detecting, enforcing, and providing visibility into their security operations. This results in an excess of information, often making it difficult to collate important data to create actionable responses. Too often this process is still managed through spreadsheets and prone to human error. The more complicated the process is, the more susceptible to risks it becomes.


News of data security breaches for large corporations has recently become a regular event. Aside from the costs to remedy the breach and add increased security measures after the fact, these occurrences frequently lead to reduced consumer confidence due to damaged public relations.


Increase visibility and reporting with role-based dashboards that provide a detailed overview of your security performance. Engage your security team by assigning incidents instantly and monitoring trackable metrics for resolving critical events.

Cerna's Expertise

ServiceNow Security Operations Suite
  • Consolidate your security operation into a single automated system
  • Standardize processes with a consistent workflow
  • Identify and collect metrics easily and dependably
  • Map critical applications and services to understand their impact on the rest of your operation
Vulnerability Response
  • Manage vulnerability, investigations,
    and align remediation activities
  • Integrate with the National Vulnerability Database and market leading vulnerability solutions
  • Seamless communication with
    Incident Response tasks, change
    request and problem management
  • Integrate and automate Threat Intelligence into your ServiceNow processes
Security Incident Response
  • Test, execute and audit security response plans
  • Integrate Event Management with 3rd party threat detection systems
  • NIST SP 800-61 r2 best practices
  • Handle network and non-network related incidents
  • Provide request automation between IT, end users, and security teams

What We Do

Proven Security Experience

Experience with Government, Healthcare, and Large Corporation customers.

Skilled in customizing vulnerability imports, process, and business rules

ServiceNow accredited on the latest security advancements

Business Process Expertise

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Stay audit ready & able to tackle security incidents at any time

Integrate ServiceNow with your SIEM, Endpoint Protection, MDM, Vulnerability Scanner, and Identity/Access Management

Upgrade your security team from spreadsheets to the most advanced security tool by the best cloud platform: ServiceNow

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