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Cerna understands that simply having the right tools for the job is just the beginning. Advanced test management training develops efficient testing practices, and custom testing services accelerate the benefits of automated testing.

Problems Solved


Cerna Solutions offers a testing program for organizations of all sizes that enables existing teams by laying the foundation for testing best practices going forward.


Overcome the common issues associated with getting started and begin seeing the full benefits of improved application testing – better results, faster development, and overall advanced quality.


Choose a variety of options to fit your specific application testing needs. Whether your organization requires testing basics or advanced test management skills, Cerna offers the right services for your business.

Test Management Services

Core Training
  • Requirements gathering, test creation, group tests, test execution, and management
  • Develop, design, and execute tests for out of box ServiceNow application functions
  • Develop, design, and execute testing for one requirement unique to your environment
  • Virtual Training available
Advanced Training
  • Interaction of test management with SDLC
  • Ensure requirements are sufficient for testing
  • Test writing best practices
  • Develop, design, and execute tests for multiple unique requirements
  • Virtual & Onsite Training available


Customize your package or request stand-alone services to meet your unique testing needs.

Coaching and Mentoring

Get the right support throughout the test building process and beyond

Manual Test Writing

Use custom tests for manual practices that meet your company’s specific needs

Automated Test Writing*

Get custom automated test scripts that are easy to manage and maintain

Selenium® Testing*

Let Cerna Solutions setup a Selenium testing grid for parallel testing

Test Cycle Management

Manage end-to-end testing services from drafting through promotion
* – This service is only available with purchase of CapIO – Automated Testing for ServiceNow

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