ServiceNow administration affects more than your IT department; it affects your entire business. Many companies are unable to devote full-time resources to managing ServiceNow, but still want to take advantage of the benefit that the platform offers. Others notice a growing backlog of ServiceNow requests but are unable to increase the resources required to fulfill them. This results in negative productivity across the organization and limits the business’s overall ability to expand and innovate ServiceNow to its full potential.

For this reason, Cerna Solutions offers a Virtual Admin Program that allows companies like yours to take advantage of our extensive ServiceNow expertise without the commitment of hiring a dedicated full-time administrator. We work with you to create a strategy that is the right level of service and cost to meet your unique requirements. This allows you access to the skills and experience to monitor and manage your ServiceNow platform, ensuring that it is operating effectively, efficiently, and meets best practice standards.

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The Problem


Unfortunately, not every company is able to take advantage of a full-time ServiceNow admin that is both trained and completely dedicated to their ServiceNow practice. For some, admins are split across a wide variety of applications and unable to stay up to date on the training required to get the most out of the platform. This results in slower fulfillment, limited use of the platform, and unnecessary frustration.


As projects and requests gather faster than they can be completed, productivity across the company suffers. This may not be a problem with the admin, but is a clear sign of resource constraints in the organization. Adding a full-time resource is not always practical, but part-time resources often lack the expertise required to perform the job required.


Many administrators are overwhelmed with reactionary tasks that limit the organization’s ability to take proactive measures to expand and improve their ServiceNow practice, making them unable to implement enterprise level applications such as HR, legal, or finance.

Our Solution


Cerna Solution’s highly trained Virtual Admin team delivers remarkable service with an unmatched level of ServiceNow qualifications. We provide proven resources with years of experience, training, and certifications to ensure that all your ServiceNow needs are easily met.


Virtual Admin customers can expect prompt support and exceptional results. With access to Cerna’s Virtual Admin chat channel, you have an instant link to a ServiceNow expert whenever you need answers.


Increase buy-in from your team by ensuring that your ServiceNow instance is fast, efficient, and stable. Receive reports that pinpoint potential problem areas, suggested fixes, and detailed explanations for detected failures. Access the report as often as you want and start getting the most out of your ServiceNow platform


With ServiceNow’s versatile offerings, many projects require high levels of training and specialization. Our Virtual Admin team allows you to consider projects that are inaccessible to some organizations, such as:

Complete Modules

  • Security Operations HR
  • Legal
  • Facilities
  • Marketing

Upgrades & Enhancements

  • System Upgrades
  • Knowledge v2-v3 Conversion
  • Service Portal Widgets

Unique Skill Sets

  • Discovery Probes
  • Service Mapping
  • Integrations

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